Digital Signage Developed for Covid-19

When it comes to the new normal, avoiding physical contact is crucial. But in-person communication is not going anywhere, and businesses need to figure out how to handle it, especially as we return to the office. So the challenge for the Connect Community is creating that link with colleagues and stakeholders, while still practicing proper safety measures. One solution is Otegaru Clean, a product developed by our Partner, Vanten K.K. Otegaru Clean is floor-standing digital signage that comes with an automated alcohol sanitizer. We spoke with Vanten CEO Neil van Wouw to find out how this device can transform the way businesses communicate with stakeholders.

The Big Idea

We at Vanten have been running our own digital signage service, Otegaru-net. We have been very successful with it because of the way it can easily mix messaging between various departments for both external and internal usage. Immediately after the lockdown, we had already imagined the new normal that would be a flexible fusion between working in the office and teleworking from home. We strongly believe that communication is going to become even more critical in this situation, to keep staff on the same page and to nurture a sense of community within teams. We also need to be considerate with customers coming to offices by letting them know what to expect on the premises. So we came up with the idea of installing an automated alcohol hand sanitizer to our existing digital signage service. This hybrid will give your business a much more professional impression than a simple hand sanitizer placed at the front door. That is how Otegaru Clean was born!

The Device in Action

Otegaru Clean sample

For Otegaru Clean, we wanted to put together a simple package that would last as long as Covid-19. We thought one year of service might be overly optimistic, so we extended our service package to two years. To make sure that every business can easily set up this device, we’ve put together some basic messaging that can be modified, depending on your needs and what you want to communicate. We also make two videos using one of our talking head avatars lip-synced to a narration-like sound file based on custom scripts for each customer. In addition, you can also display daily data for new Covid-19 cases across Japan or in the customer’s prefecture. (See how the product works in the video above.)


The most straightforward way you can use Otegaru Clean is putting it in your office’s lobby or entrance, or in a cafeteria, breakroom, or other location where hand sanitizing makes sense. What makes Otegaru Clean so engaging and powerful is the professional animated greeting combined with a simple statement of Covid-19 rules and your office’s own safety measures. Don’t just use Otegaru Clean outside your office. Play around with your messages and use it as a communication tool internally. We recommend using it as a reminder of behavior expectations in the workplace. We believe that combining this with some fun or useful information will increase engagement in the office. Let us know if you need help with this.

Transforming Communication

Otegaru Clean sends a strong message about commitment to safety. This device is certainly more professional and committed than a makeshift hand sanitizer bottle on a table. This can be a big plus for companies concerned about their reputation or looking to improve their public image. As part of a comprehensive digital signage messaging strategy, Otegaru Clean can help companies communicate more effectively and efficiently internally and externally.  We think the gap between companies that level up their game in efficiencies versus those that don’t is going to grow in the new post-Covid-19 world. We believe that Otegaru Clean can help companies make the most of their communications so they can succeed in their core business.

Offer on Connect

Vanten K.K. is providing an extra year of service for Otegaru Clean exclusively to Connect Members—that’s a total of three years. If you’re interested in the concept behind this innovative product, click here to redeem the offer!



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