How to Get Your New Baby’s Birth Certificate Translated

Honyaku Plus is a Tokyo-based translation and interpreting company that has been reliably serving the international business community for the past 18 years. Here they take us through the process of having your baby’s birth certificate translated. We believe that this information will be beneficial for new parents from the UK or other countries who are living in Japan.

What Is a Japanese Birth Certificate?

When a baby is born in Japan, there are actually two certificate documents that are generated: the Birth Certificate/Notification of Live Birth (出生証明書/出生届), a partially handwritten document issued by the hospital, and the Certificate of Acceptance (受理証明書), which the new parents receive from the city or ward office a few days after the child’s birth, when they go there to register their child by presenting the Birth Certificate/Notification of Live Birth. Foreign government instructions do not always provide clear guidance regarding which of these documents needs to be translated—but as part of our service, Honyaku Plus will translate and certify both for you at no extra cost.

You Will Need a Certified Translation

Commonwealth expatriates in Japan who are welcoming a newborn child into the family usually need the baby’s Japanese birth certificate translated into English so that they can apply for a first passport or for home country citizenship for their child. The UK and other Commonwealth governments generally require that translations submitted as part of a passport or citizenship application be “certified.” This means that the translation company that does the job must append a statement to the translated document stating that, in their professional view, the translation represents a complete and accurate rendition of the original document. The translation company then stamps this statement with their company seal to make it official.

Get Easy Translation from Honyaku Plus

Honyaku Plus will translate up to four Japanese government certificates from Japanese to English—and certify the translations as accurate—for ¥22,000 (including tax). They will deliver the certified translations within four business days of your request. Extra copies of the certified translations can be provided. And congratulations on the new addition!

Birth Certificate Translation


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