5 Best Kakigori Stores in Tokyo You Should Try This Summer

Summer in Tokyo can be unforgiving. Last week, GoConnect shared an article suggesting different ways to remain cool in the heat, and to stay safe and hydrated. We noted the popular summer dish kakigori (shaved ice flavored with syrup or sweeteners). 

We have now done a deeper dive into the world of kakigori and walked the streets of Tokyo to objectively find some of the best spots to enjoy this sweet—but most importantly, cool—treat! Here are five great spots where you can get shaved ice in Tokyo this summer. 

Note that these images are just general pictures of kakigori: to see these shops’ delectable treats, you’ll have to drop by for yourself!


This quirky little spot is located in Yanaka, Taito Ward, and offers some seriously impressive shaved ice. Himitsudo uses its own homemade honey to flavor their kakigori, and it is additive-free. If you time it right, you can head there to taste their seasonal strawberry shaved ice, which is made with the juicy red fruit from Shizuoka and Akita prefectures. The ice is shaved by hand, with an old-fashioned manual machine. Make sure you get there and get a ticket, as the wait can be pretty long. Luckily you can stroll around the area of Yanaka until it’s your turn!


Located a short walk from Yoyogi-koen Station, Sebastian serves a variety of dishes. However, their kakigori is highly recommended and comes in many different flavors. The menu is only in Japanese, so you may want to use Google Translate or a picture of the one you want on Instagram to show the staff.

Bum Bun Blau Cafe

Bum Bun Blau Cafe is located a short walk from Hatanodai Station in Shinagawa Ward and has a range of different shaved ice flavors. From strawberry or rum raisin to avocado or ginger lemon cream, there is something to satisfy every craving. It is open from 11am to 4pm most days, so why not head over on your lunch break? The interior of the cafe is welcoming and trendy—a perfect spot to snap a picture for Instagram. 

Kanna Kitchen 

Located in the quiet area of Shimouma, close to Setagaya Park, is Kanna Kitchen. The brightly lit store serves delicious shaved ice. The seasonal menus and new products are delicious—you can get anything from tiramisu flavor to the rich sweet potato flavor that uses potatoes straight from Okinawa. And if you’re feeling indecisive? You can get kakigori that is both strawberry and matcha flavored, so you don’t have to choose! 

Kuriya Otona 

Kuriya Otona is another popular spot, located in Ueno Hirokoji, between Yushima and Naka-Okachimachi stations. The sultry decor provides a pretty high-end experience, with a huge range of kakigori flavors to choose from. Even though it isn’t located in a super central location, it is very much worth traveling for. Take a look at their Instagram to see the amazing shaved ice on offer. 

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