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Starting a new year is an exciting and hopeful time for many of us. But with that excitement often comes a yearning for something that we feel is missing in some aspect of our life. Many feel that the start of the year is an ideal time to make changes and improvements—to find a better version of ourselves. Some of us decide to start going to the gym more; others try to get rid of a bad habit or make another lifestyle change.

Finding a life coach to hold you accountable can help you reach these goals. To get a better sense of how to make transitions such as these, GoConnect caught up with Jeff Singal from In This Life Coach.

With decades of experience, Singal looks to help those who are facing changes ahead and help them navigate whatever life may bring their way. Originally from Boston, US, in his early to mid-twenties life was not easy as attention deficit disorder caused him to struggle in his studies. It took some time, but Singal eventually received professional guidance about adjusting his study practices.

Making the change wasn’t just beneficial for himself, but also to the community around him. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Singal found work in a college just outside of Boston where he was able to help students, providing guidance and advice about his own experiences. This eventually led him back to education and he furthered his studies, earning a master’s degree in international education and intercultural management.

This was far from the last transition in his life, however. Research during graduate school brought Singal to Nagoya, Japan, where he met his wife, Miki. They decided to relocate to the city at the end of December 2005. More than 10,000 kilometers away from where he began, Singal took a leap of faith and started a new life and family there. He fell in love with the country and its culture and thought of ways that he could continue to help and guide people. Singal started out teaching English as a way to give back to the local community. After teaching English at various schools in and around Nagoya for a number of years he founded Boston English Academy in 2011, which he still runs with Miki today.

A few years ago, it occurred to Singal that he could widen the scope of people to support. He had been reflecting on the life changes he had gone through over the years, as well as exploring new opportunities for himself and those around him in the future. Aside from just language education, he realized he could offer coaching for careers and life in general.

Having made a number of major life changes himself, Singal decided to use his own background and history to help those feeling stuck or anticipating significant transitions. He is constantly developing his approach to help with all kinds of issues, no matter what stage of life someone may be in.

Change is a scary concept as we don’t really know what tomorrow will bring. However, that is exactly what makes it so precious. The philosophy behind In This Life Coach is that you can shape and create your ideal life. Transitions do not need to be daunting—they may be exactly what you need. All you need is someone to help guide you through the process and to hold you accountable.

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