Best Five Outdoor Activities You Should Try In Japan During Green Season

Green season means a period of the year where nature is in its most thriving state. The recent showers mean that all of the beautiful greenery around Japan provides the perfect atmosphere for some fun outdoor activities. GoConnect has put together a list of five green season activities you have to check out.


Stand Up Paddleboarding



Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is a great way to traverse rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. You stand on a large surfboard-like board and use your paddle to get around at your own pace. It is simultaneously very relaxing and a great way to get some exercise. You don’t necessarily need to be an athlete, but be wary that your arms will start to feel the burn if you paddle for long enough. You can often find dedicated clubs along the rivers in Tokyo or around the bay in Yokohama. For those with decent balance, you can now also try SUP yoga classes where you perform yoga on your board.


Tokyo Running Crews



Although sports are very popular in Tokyo, it’s not always a cheap hobby. Virtual golf courses and tennis courts require rental fees and reservations, and the monthly expenses can diminish your enjoyment of the sport. Running just requires a decent pair of running shoes, and you can start your journey. Running with an energetic group makes it even easier. Running crews like Namban Rengo welcome visitors with open arms. They meet in Yoyogi Park every Wednesday night to run around the popular landmarks in Shibuya.





The most direct way to enjoy the green season is by hiking through it. There are various trails and “power spots” for meditation around Japan. Among them, Mt. Fuji, Hokkaido, and the lush green forests in Shizuoka are perhaps the most popular. Hiking is great because it allows you to choose from a casual walk through the woods to scaling a mountain. Mount Takao in Tokyo is an accessible hike that rewards you with some beer and snacks at the top. Either way, in Japan, you will always get to enjoy beautiful scenery.





Cycling is another great option for when the weather is nice. Through cycling you can cover huge parts of a region all at once. You can ride through the countryside or take a tour through cities. Bikemap gives you thousands of user-generated routes to try on your own or with your group. It’s relatively simple to register a bike, and you can continue to use it every day, which makes this activity very cost effective.





For something more unique, give rafting a try. It’s the best way to cool off from the heat. Many dedicated companies in Japan such as Canyons offer various experiences from rafting and glamping to canyoning and packrafting. You can opt to be led by a guide or go out on your own. This activity does require a bit of stamina and swimming ability, but it is definitely worth a try.


Any of these activities are relatively cheap and accessible, especially if you split the cost up in a group. Whether you are looking to be more physically active or just want something fun to do, these green season activities are fun for everyone. Make sure you apply some sunscreen, pack some hydration, and then get out there to try something new.

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