Tokyo Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2023

How do you normally celebrate Valentine’s Day? If it’s your first Valentine’s in Japan with your significant other, and you’re unsure of interesting date ideas, we have put together five local insights on how to celebrate your relationship on this special day! 

Homemade Dessert Kits 

homemade chocolate valentines

On the big day, chances are restaurants will be packed with couples. If you prefer being indoors to going out, or if your favorite restaurant is fully booked, why not cook a nice dinner together? You not only have time over dinner but can also have fun chatting while cooking together. If you find grocery shopping a chore, hit up your local Muji for the baking kits that they have prepared. From chocolate cake and truffles to fondants, they have more than 10 kits that are made for Valentine’s Day. The kits tell you the time needed to prepare them, what ingredients you’ll need, and all the steps needed to get to the final result. Should you be a couple that prioritizes quality time together, these kits are ideal for a memorable homemade V Day.

Seasonal Chocolate Specials 

valentines chocolate tokyo

Chocolate is a treat that’s especially connected with Valentine’s Day. When in Japan, you will never be bored with chocolate varieties—from KitKats to other items in the convenience store. However, if you’re looking for something extra special to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, local restaurants and desserts are putting in the extra effort to woo their customers.  From chocolate dumplings by Jin Din Rou and Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate to a limited edition chocolate mousse cake with berry flavors by Green Bean to Bar chocolate and even chocolate flavored ramen, exploring new sweets and expanding your taste buds together would make for a great date idea. 

Hotel Dinner Dates

hotel dinner valentines tokyo

For enthusiastic foodies, one can never go wrong with a date filled with good food. Local chefs take pride in using their expertise to craft the best flavor combinations for their patrons. If you want to go for a high-quality dinner for your special Valentine’s Day date, why not take advantage of local offerings and go for omakase sushi? This Valentine’s Day can be your occasion to try just how fresh and amazing seafood can taste under the care of sushi experts using Edomae-style techniques and fresh ingredients sourced daily from the renowned Toyosu Market. Moreover, our Michelin star partner Sushi Wakon, located in The Peninsula Tokyo, is having a special offer of a free welcome drink. How about getting dressed up and enjoying a delicious sushi and sake pairing for Valentine’s Day? 

Art Museum Dates

art museum date valentines tokyo

While amusement park dates at Disneyland or Universal Studios are hugely popular among Japanese locals, for a more aesthetic experience, we recommend visiting local art museums. Tokyo is home to exhibitions featuring international and domestic artists in a wide range of media. From small galleries to world-famous museums, you can immerse in art and beauty throughout the city. From February 4, Japan Media Arts is having a 10-day festival celebrating 25 years of mixed media arts that features digital media, gadgets, apps, video games, and animation and manga. Go see how Japanese art has evolved over a quarter of a century while making memories with your significant other! 

Night Cruise Tour 

night cruise tokyo valentines

Into night views of Tokyo filled with high rise buildings and neon lights? While certain illuminations in Tokyo are still ongoing, how about taking your date up a notch by booking a night cruise? Tokyo and neighboring Yokohama have night cruises available for romantic dates, like one on the Lady Crystal cruise ship by The Cruise Club Tokyo Inc. For ¥4,000, you can enjoy free-flowing cocktails on a 60-minute cruise with incredible views of this cosmopolitan city. The cruise departs from Tennozu Isle, which offers beautiful bridges and incredible restaurants for a perfect dinner date after your cruise. 


Photo credits: Muji, Green Bean to Bar, Forbes, The Cruise Club Tokyo


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