The Toranomon Hills Station Tower: Transforming a Neighborhood

Home to a vibrant community that melds business and art with innovation and tradition, Toranomon is one of Tokyo’s most vibrant and interesting neighborhoods. And later this year, it will make a bold step in its development with the opening of Mori Building’s Toranomon Hills Station Tower. It will help to expand and evolve the Toranomon Hills complex as a new international hub and  global business center where various businesses and global players gather, and disseminate new ideas and values.

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The 49-story tower will be located above Toranomon Hills Station, the first new station on the Hibiya Line in 56 years. For many visitors, the first experience they will receive of the complex will be the Station Atrium plaza—an impressive, three-story, 2,000-square-meter space that is brilliantly illuminated with natural light. The plaza serves not just as a location for travelers and commuters to pass through, but a welcoming entrance to the entire area.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower will be completely integrated with the new station, and will be connected to Mori Tower’s Oval Square by the large-scale pedestrian T-Deck, significantly improving pedestrian flows. This is continuing the work that was done with the construction of Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, integrated with Loop Road No. 2, which seamlessly connects central Tokyo and Haneda Airport—and therefore, the world. In addition, a bus terminal on the first floor of the Toranomon Hills Business Tower offers access to airport limousine buses and the Tokyo Bus Rapid Transit network. Overall, these functions will strengthen Toranomon Hills as a transportation node of the gateway connecting central Tokyo with the world.

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Along with 32 floors of office space, Toranomon Hills Station Tower features the innovative Tokyo Node, a 10,000-square-meter interactive communication facility that will take up part of the eighth floor and the 45th to 49th floors. It features a main hall and three galleries, which can be used on their own or as a single integrated space. Tokyo Node will also be home to four dining facilities that can be used in conjunction with events. On the rooftop, there will be a sky garden and pool that can help create an unforgettable atmosphere for events. On the eighth floor, the facility features a cutting-edge laboratory for research into future urban experiences. Tokyo Node aims to be a space from which new content and creativity can be shared with the world.

Spaces for All

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Shoppers will have a great deal to look forward to this autumn, as there will be a broad variety of stores in the Toranomon Hills Station Tower. Spanning from B2 to the seventh floor, a retail space featuring about 80 stores will cater to a broad range of needs. One of the highlights of this area will be the T-Market, which boasts 27 restaurants, delis, and food stores where shoppers can pick up an array of gourmet items. Altogether, the retail space will more than double what is currently available in the Toranomon Hills area.

The tower will also house the Hotel Toranomon Hills, the first hotel in Hyatt’s Unbound Collection to be launched in Tokyo. Space Copenhagen of Denmark is responsible for the hotel’s stunning interior design, which combines natural materials with traditional Japanese architecture.

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The sleek and modern look of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower itself was designed by Shohei Shigematsu, partner of the international architecture design group OMA. The tower’s design is informed by the idea of creating an “urban axis” that links Toranomon Hills with the surrounding neighborhood in a seamless and natural way.

Throughout the engaging and welcoming space, there will be captivating works of public art, which range from a scintillating work created with software-controlled LEDs to painting and sculpture. These aesthetic touches combine to create an inspired atmosphere for those who visit the tower.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower is set to help the Toranomon Hills area reach a reputation much like what Roppongi Hills enjoys in Tokyo, and with the coming autumn, will elevate the neighborhood to new heights of innovation in business, retail, and art.

Photo credits: ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd

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