3 Unique Beauty Services in Tokyo

There is a saying in the beauty sector: Great skin doesn’t happen by chance—it happens by appointment. The operators of three of Tokyo’s top international salons could not agree more and are introducing cutting-edge new treatments to give clients skin that positively glows.

Elana Jade

Elana Gilbert opened the Elana Jade Beauty Spa in December 2009 and has a well-deserved reputation for combining the highest quality skincare products and exceptional service for an all-round great experience. The newest addition to the beauty spa’s repertoire is the CBD Experience, which harnesses the remarkable benefits of CBD in a variety of forms.

“This unique treatment involves massaging a highly concentrated CBD oil onto the body, accompanied by the soothing warmth of hot stones to enhance relaxation,” Gilbert said. “We also begin the session with a delicious CBD gummy to set the tone for the ultimate calming experience, and conclude with a comforting cup of CBD tea to promote relaxation and ease the mind.

“Our goal with the CBD Experience is to offer our clients a restful sanctuary where they can unwind and reap the numerous benefits of CBD,” she added. “We hope to provide a rejuvenating escape that will leave our clients feeling refreshed and revitalized.”

Responses from clients have been overwhelmingly positive, she said, adding that many report a “profound sense of relaxation that makes it hard to leave the salon.”

“As CBD is still relatively new to Japan, we are excited to be among the few salons offering this extraordinary ingredient,” she added. “It’s rewarding to introduce this powerful natural element to those who may not yet be familiar with its potential benefits.”

Gilbert emphasizes that the key to any salon’s success lies in the hands—literally—of its therapists. “It is because of these remarkable women that our salon has earned the good reputation it holds today,” she said. “I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

“They possess not only the skills necessary to deliver exceptional treatments but also an unwavering dedication to providing a caring and compassionate experience for our clients, colleagues, and the salon itself.”

Glow by Tomoko

In the space of a couple of years, Glow by Tomoko has become an institution in Tokyo. Tomoko lived in New York for 16 years and is a licensed aesthetician in New York State but moved to Japan in 2020 and set up a salon that provides treatments that are both relaxing and results driven.

She integrates Western and Japanese approaches to skincare and uses only carefully selected products. “I like to mix science with the power of nature,” she said. “I use the most cutting-edge, science-backed cosmeceutical products, as well as organic, clean products. I believe both are effective in different ways and I like to blend both worlds to create a unique experience that helps achieve my clients’ skin goals faster.” 

Stem cell technology is attracting attention in the skincare industry, and Tomoko is a firm believer in its beneficial properties. “Stem cells naturally occur in our body, and they can be derived from fat, placenta, or other parts of the body,” she said. “Certain cosmetics companies are collaborating with universities and medical professionals to specifically nurture stem cells and use the byproducts, which contain specialized proteins, such as growth factors.

“These products are amazing for any skin type, including the most sensitive, and effective for healing wounds, improving acne scars and preventing aging,” she said. “I utilize these science-backed products in my treatment to prevent aging, stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, reduce inflammation, and really repair and regenerate skin cells.The results have been impressive, she said, and can be enhanced with other treatments, such as CO2 masks that deliver oxygenation from within, and the use of sakekasu, a byproduct of the sake brewing process that is packed with nutrients. 

“I believe that a skincare ritual can be a transformative and rewarding experience, not just for your skin but for your mind as well,” she said. “When your skin is glowing, it really makes you feel confident and positive in other aspects of life as well. This is what I want to achieve for all my clients.

Cryo Tokyo

A therapy that was previously the reserve of elite athletes and Hollywood stars is now available in Tokyo. Cryotherapy is a science-based recovery method that sees clients seated in a cabin in which liquid nitrogen is used to briefly reduce the temperature to ultra-low levels. That temperature can go as low as -196°C for a maximum of three minutes, followed by relaxing compression therapy, triggering a physical response in the body and enhanced recovery.

Cryo Tokyo was the first salon in Japan to introduce freezing therapy technology, with users reporting reduced fatigue and increased mental awareness, as well as a faster recovery from muscular complaints and bruising. Cryotherapy helps the body to produce more collagen, which can help to clear up inflammation, increase blood flow, and reduce the aging process in skin and cells.

The salon’s specialist Cryo Skin treatment has been shown to condition and naturally rejuvenate bare skin. It is painless and more reliable than Botox treatments. In addition to facial toning and improving elasticity, the treatment aids slimming by destroying fat cells through freezing, helping to halt the aging process. Others swear by the treatment to get over jet lag and hangovers. Research has also shown cryotherapy is effective in reducing the symptoms of migraines, numbing nerve irritation, helping to treat mood disorders, and reducing arthritic pain.


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