Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Choosing gifts can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be this Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner on May 14. Here are some ideas for the perfect gift for your mom—from cooking tools to bath products.

For the Mom Who Enjoys a Good Detox 

If your mom is into her baths and saunas, why not give her an experience of an enzyme bath? At kunistyle Enzyme SPA, a dry enzyme bath with cypress and rice bran will give her a luxurious, soothing experience that reaps the benefits of fermentation. From dietary risk counseling to yoga, the spa offers a variety of activities that make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift. They also offer complimentary kombucha that is brewed onsite.  

For the Mom Who Loves Coffee

Photo credit: Maruyama Coffee

More people have been learning how to drip their own coffee at home. If your mom enjoys going to coffee shops, why not give her a chance to learn how to make her own coffee? Maruyama Coffee from Karuizawa has a set with personalized gift wrapping and name engraving featuring two types of coffee beans and an additional set of coffee chestnut dorayaki to accompany afternoon tea time. Their flower bouquet blend is a limited-edition product that was said to be blended to resemble the taste of a bouquet. 

For the Mom Who Is a Whiz in the Kitchen 

Photo credit: Food and Wine

From the French cookware maker Staub, Cocotte is an enameled pot that enables waterless cooking with a self-basting system that allows you to fully enjoy the flavor of the ingredients. It can be used not only as a pot for making curry but also for stewed and stir-fried dishes. Coming in different sizes, it can help your mom try out the latest cooking trends. 

The Gift of Quality Time 

Photo credit: Takashimaya 

While some people enjoy receiving gifts, some others prefer spending precious moments together as their love language. How about buying a special lunch box to enjoy a picnic with your mom and taking in delicious food over good conversation? Takashimaya offers a box of Kyoto delicacies that are hard to find in Tokyo that can be delivered on Mother’s Day. Warabimochi is also included in the set, making it the perfect meal and dessert offering for a picnic. 

Seasonal Delights

Photo credit: Takashimaya 

Summer, the season of stone fruits, is approaching. If your mom enjoys fruits as dessert more than cakes and sweets, Takashimaya is offering a box of special L size sweet cherries from Yamagata, the best known region for cherries in Japan. Cute and plump premium cherries can be purchased along with flowers and a message card to deliver your gratitude to your mom. 

A New Look 

Photo credit: Morpho Beauty

Although they offer phenomenal service, some Japanese hair salon treatments may require your mother to take extra good care of her hair and scalp. At Morpho Beauty, there are customized treatments for hair to address specific concerns for each individual. You can also book your mom a hair spa treatment for deep cleansing and relaxation of the scalp. 

To Look Sharp Around Town 

Photo credit: Fujingaho

Summer is coming, meaning the harsh sunshine will be too. How about giving your mom a parasol to use for walks around town while running her daily errands? Chikazawa offers a special parasol design using hemp and lace that resembles mimosa flowers. These items are both symbols of craftsmanship and uniquely fashionable. 

A Bath Full of Flowers

Photo credit: giftmall

Still thinking of giving a traditional bouquet of flowers? Now you can give one that can be used in an original way. With baths being a daily necessity in Japan, innovative bath powders are no stranger to the Japanese market. However, a company got really creative and created bath powder in the shape of real flowers. With flower color variations and box color variations, and a message card, you can customize the bouquet to make for the perfect gift.

For the Skincare Conscious Mom 

Photo credit: La Prairie

La Prairie from Switzerland offers the ever popular Skin Caviar collection to help lift and firm skin, restore elasticity, and tone, smooth, and refine skin texture. Caviar beads from the product help transform into a potent lifting infusion to defy gravity and retain youthfulness. Why not give your mom the perfect anti-aging skincare product?


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