GoConnect’s Lineup of Tokyo Events During December 2023

Looking for something to do? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of diverse activities that includes everything from markets and performances to fairs and festivals. So get out there and explore Tokyo to the fullest this December! 

Christmas Markets, Christmas Events, and Winter Illuminations 

Check out our selection of Yuletide activities that are sure to make your holiday season merry and bright: click here

Belgian Beer Weekend 

To warm your heart and tempt your tastebuds, the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan is hosting a weekend of drinking and bantering. Take this opportunity to discover Belgian and Luxembourgish culture, and immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. Along with flavorful brews, feast on a variety of treats to the very last morsel, including Godiva chocolate, Rosen’s Manneken waffles, and Americo’s Jules Destrooper cookies. On December 7, a special Bonenkai Beer Gathering will be held in a festive celebration for the end of the year!

Date: December 6–10
Times: Weekdays: 4:00–10:00pm; Saturday: 11:00am–9:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am–10:00pm
Location: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building Sankaku Hiroba
Website: https://blccj.or.jp/events/belgian-shop-bbw-shinjuku/
Price: advance sale ¥3,300, ¥3,500 at the door

Oji-Tori no Ichi Festival 

Dating back to the Edo period, Tori no Ichi festivals are celebrated across Japan to augur good fortune for the coming year. At Oji Shrine, attendees can expect a cultural and ceremonial experience, with vendors selling ceremonial bamboo rakes, known as kumade, which are symbols of good luck and prosperity.  

Date & Time: December 6
Location: Oji Shrine, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Website: http://ojijinja.tokyo.jp/index.html
Price: Free

French Christmas Champagne Dinner 

Celebrate the Christmas season with an air of luxury and elegance at Tokyo Wine Events’ Champagne dinner. A sumptuous dinner of effervescent conversation and a delectable gourmet dinner enlivened with the event’s crown jewel, Champagne Pannier, sourced from Éparny. Enjoy the holiday season with a glass of bubbly in hand!

Date & Time: December 12, 6:15–9:15pm
Location: The Hilton Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku
Website: https://www.tokyowineevents.com/product/champagne-pannier/
Price: ¥20,980–22,980

Children’s Christmas Jumper Party at the Residence 

In keeping with Irish tradition, the Irish Japan Chamber of Commerce will host a Christmas craic, for the enjoyment of their youngest supporters. Attendees can expect a visit—and possibly a special present for the good little boys and girls—from Daidí na Nollag, or Father Christmas. There will also be a buffet-style feast and soft drinks available during the event. 

Date & Time: December 9, 11:00am–2:00pm
Location: Irish Ambassador’s Residence, Chiyoda-ku
Website: https://www.ijcc.jp/events
Price (Adults): IJCC Member: ¥4,000; Non-members: ¥6,000
Price (Children): 5 and under: Free; 6–17: ¥2,000

Mirai no Mori Winter Party 2023 

This special 10th anniversary event will feature program graduates who will share their stories, a display of Mirai no Mori activities, and games for everyone to play. It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces, learn more about Mirai no Mori, enjoy a fun night out with friends, and raise a toast to the dreams of the children we serve.

Date & Time: December 7, 6:30–8:30pm
Location: B&C Hall, Shinagawa-ku
Website: https://mirai-no-mori.jp/mirai-no-mori-winter-party-2023/
Price: ¥8,000 per person 

FEW Japan Connection and Community Bonenkai 

For Empowering Women (FEW) will be holding a special bonenkai, looking back at a year of empowering and inspiring Tokyo’s vibrant community of women. It will be a night of bonding and story-sharing with food and drinks included; both vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available.

Date & Time: December 8, 7:00pm–9:00pm
Location: FEW Japan Headquarters, Minato-ku
Website: https://fewjapan.com/bonenkai-in-tokyo/
Price: Members: ¥5,000; Non-members: ¥6,500

Mutek Japan 2023

Mutek, a festival from Montreal, is throwing a special celebration in Japan. This event is perfect for EDM-enthusiasts and electronic art connoisseurs alike.  

Date & Time: December 7–9
Location: Spotify O-East and Womb, Shibuya-ku
Website: https://tokyo.mutek.org/en
Price: ¥3,000–20,000

Screening of The Conductor (De Dirigent) 

For cinephiles inclined toward international film, check out the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s special screening of De Dirigent, a delightful movie-going experience acclaimed for its portrayal of the experience of a female Dutch immigrant in the United States. 

Date & Time: December 9, 2–4:20pm
Location: Fujifilm Nishiazabu Hall
Website: https://nccj.jp/events/upcoming-events/event/428-dutch-movie-screening-the-conductor-de-dirigent-on-dec-9
Price: Free 

Tokyo Romantic Flea Market

Enjoy the crisp winter air and beautiful greenery of the Elysian Shibuya Gardens as you stroll past 100 shops featuring a variety of antiques and curios. For those seeking handicrafts, accessories, or fine art, this event is perfect for you! 

Date & Time: December 9, 10am–4pm
Location: Bellesalle Shibuya Garden, Shibuya-ku
Website: https://tokyo-romantic.com/
Price: Free

Akasaka Antique Market Hills at ARK Hills

Positioning itself as one of the classier flea markets in Tokyo, the Akasaka Antique Market at ARK Hills draws inspiration from the more refined European marketplaces. Featuring an atmosphere of genteel elegance, it’s the perfect place to discover one-of-a-kind items fit for urban life.

Date & Time: December 10, 11am–5pm
Location: ARK Hills, Minato-ku
Website: https://www.arkhills.com/en/akasaka-nominoichi/
Price: Free

Heiwajima Antiques Fair 

For those with an antiquarian’s heart, the Heiwajima Antiques Festival showcases unique items that you must get your hands on. You’ll be able to find everything from kimonos to porcelain collectables, all carefully curated. 

Date & Time: December 8–10, 10:00am–5:00pm
Location: Tokyo Ryutsu Center, Ota-ku
Website: https://kottouichi.com/en.html
Price: Free

Tokyo Comic Con

Comic Con is a symposium of comic book lovers and international film enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to discuss and share their love for their favorite characters and media. Also, with the chance to meet famous celebrities and purchase unique and exclusive merchandise and paraphernalia, this is a surely worthwhile event!

Date & Time: December 8–10
Location: Makuhari Messe, Chiba
Website: https://tokyocomiccon.jp/en/
Price: ¥4,400 (advance sale)

Gran Concorso di Cucina 2023 – The Final

Showcasing Japan’s best chefs of Italian cuisine, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ICCJ) hosts the 14th Gran Concorso di Cucina. Eight competitors will be going head to head, and you’re invited to taste the dishes of this year’s finalists. 

Date & Time: Monday December 11, 5:00–7:00pm
Location: Hattori Nutrition College – Studio de Cuisine
Website: https://iccj.or.jp/gran-concorso-di-cucina-2023-the-final-2/
Price: ICCJ Members: ¥1,000; Non-Members: ¥3,000 (both excluding tax)

Candlelight: Holiday Special Featuring The Nutcracker and More 

A festive orchestral extravaganza, this Candlelight concert transports viewers into a winter wonderland with a lineup of classical music that will stimulate the five senses. With renditions of traditional Christmas music including selections from The Nutcracker, this event is perfect for starting off the holiday season. 

Date & Time: December 15
Location: Oji Hall, Ginza, Chuo-ku
Website: https://feverup.com/m/143147/en
Price: ¥5,400

Setagaya Boroichi Market II

Attracting about 200,000 annually and boasting more than 700 vendors, the Setagaya Boroichi is a beloved flea market in Tokyo, with diverse and unique merchandise. Dating back to 1578, boro, or fabric scraps, were historically the main staple bought and sold here.  This event is not only a perfect shopping experience, but also a cultural and historical voyage into Tokyo’s past. 

Date & Time: December 1516, 9:00am–8:00pm
Location: Boroichi Street, Setagaya-ku
Website: https://www.city.setagaya.lg.jp/setagaya/001/003/d00125000.html
Price: Free

Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks 

There is something truly otherworldly about the combination of the fresh winter air and the thunderous bursts of fireworks. Every Saturday starting from December 2, the skies of Odaiba will be emblazoned with the multicolored luster of fireworks. This event is perfect for families seeking a bit of magic this Christmas season!

Date & Time: December 2–23, from 7:00pm
Location: Toyosu Gururi Park, Odaiba Marine Park, Koto-ku
Website: https://www.tokyo-odaiba.net/en/rainbow2023/
Price: Free

Special Christmas Dinner 

With its white table cloths and glittering wine glasses around the bar, illuminated by the chandelier overhead, its bulbs descending like icicles, R1 Tokyo’s contemporary ambience is perfect for an intimate Christmas dinner. Join from December 23 to 25 for Champagne, wine, cocktails, and a special dinner set to classic Christmas music. 

Date & Time: December 23–25
Location: R1 Tokyo, Roppongi
Website: https://r1tokyo.com/restaurant/
Price: (no fixed price)

Accidentally Wes Anderson 

Wes Anderson’s cinematographic genius in composition, symmetry, and color has established his name within the film industry. Borrowing from his style, this exhibition will showcase landscapes imitating his gentle surrealness that provokes introspection and dialogue between viewers—they are imaginative and distinctive with their own complex stories.  

Date & Time: November 25–December 28, 11:00am–7:00pm
Location: Shibuya Hikarie Hall
Website: https://www.bunkamura.co.jp/english/museum/20231125.html
Price: ¥900–2,200

Midtown Ice Rink 

The Midtown Ice Rink has become the symbol of winter in Midtown Tokyo and is one of the largest in Japan. Sponsored by the fashion brand Coach, the ice rink has been dressed up elegantly this season. It’s open until February 2024, so there’s plenty of time to skate, but the holiday season is the perfect time to visit. 

Date & Time: November 16–February 25, 2024, 11:00am–9:00pm
Location: Grass Square, Tokyo Midtown
Website: https://www.tokyo-midtown.com/jp/event/6735/
Price: Adults: ¥1,800–2,200; Children: ¥1,100–1,500

2024 New Year Countdown Lounge 

Omisoka is an annual Japanese celebration that anticipates the new year. At the Park Hyatt Hotel’s The Peak Lounge, a luxurious celebration will be held with plenty of Champagne and cocktails. Sip on a cocktail while gazing at the striking Tokyo nightscape as the year slips away.   

Date & Time: December 31, from 9:30pm
Location: The Peak Lounge, Park Hyatt Tokyo
Website: https://restaurants.tokyo.park.hyatt.co.jp/en/news/3712.html
Price: ¥29,700 per person

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