Ben Katano Monogram Design

Monogram design is made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other symbols to form one image. It perfectly suits those individuals who would value a personalized visual identity that reflects their social status and brings flair to their daily lives. 

You can use your monogram on shirts, cufflinks, handkerchiefs, or other personal items.

With years of experience overseas, Ben Katano is well-versed in working with letter forms and has many English-speaking clients.

He has created a wide variety of graphic designs, including monograms for notable clients such as the Imperial Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Sheraton, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, and many other organizations in the hospitality industry.

Special Offer

Ben Katano is offering monogram designs for ¥48,000. The usual rate is ¥100,000 per design.

You can select one out of three rough designs and give your input on the final monogram design. In addition, corrections will be made free of charge.

You can see a few design samples below:

Please note that final delivery is the design data. No design will be reproduced on a particular product.

How to Use the Special Offer

Please email:


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