Time has flown—GoConnect is marking its very first birthday. And we couldn’t have done it without the wholehearted support and enthusiastic participation of our Partners and Members, from the very beginning.

From starting out as a platform to support businesses affected by the pandemic, we’ve rebranded as GoConnect, a service dedicated to sharing great offers and experiences with the English-speaking community in Japan. And through our seasonal campaigns and our booth at Expat Expo, we’ve established even stronger ties with our Partners and Members.

Our Best Offers Yet

We appreciate your loyalty and are giving back to you from March 31 to April 9—GoConnect’s Gratitude Week.

During this exclusive campaign, we will be sharing our biggest discounts and best giveaways ever! You can find all of the deals* here.

We sincerely hope you will find these offers both enriching and rewarding.

*Please check the terms and conditions when redeeming these offers.

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*Terms and Conditions:

  • Only GoConnect newsletter subscribers are eligible to redeem the offers and giveaways.
  • If you are not, please subscribe to our newsletter.
  • The successful giveaway winners will be informed by email.
  • For further details about how to redeem offers, please refer to the offer page and the respective Partner’s website.

Gratitude Week Campaign

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Community Voices + Resources

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5 Top Tokyo Festivals and Events

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