Five Places to Enjoy Vegan Food in Tokyo

Being vegan in Japan is notoriously difficult. Finding food that doesn’t blatantly contain meat isn’t necessarily the problem—it’s those pesky hidden ingredients. Animal products are often found in broths, for example, and the general idea of veganism isn’t as familiar in Japan as it is in Western countries. So, for all the vegans out there, GoConnect is here to ease the struggle. Here are five great options in Tokyo for you to try out.

星空のbistro~stela table~

First up is this cozy little bistro in Nishi Azabu. Bistro stela table uses organic vegetables, and their ingredients are incredibly fresh. The course menu is fantastic, and the special vegan curry is highly recommended. Opening hours may differ, so be sure to check before making a trip down.

Glean by OneBite

The next spot we recommend is this delicatessen in Shibuya. Glean by OneBite offers beautiful bento, and is mainly for takeout or delivery; however, if you’re lucky you can grab one of the four seats in the store. They have a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as a plethora of vegan sweets and a diverse drinks menu. 

ReserveOnly Vegaic Monkey Magic & Vege Sushi Japan

When looking for vegan spots, one wouldn’t think of sushi restaurants. However, ReserveOnly Vegaic Monkey Magic & Vege Sushi Japan offers just that. Located in Asakusa, this shop offers a vegan sushi course beginning at 12pm, and then again at 6:30pm, featuring 11 pieces of sushi and one dessert. It’s by reservation only, so make sure you book—you have until the day before to do so! 

Vege ++ Coffee

Nestled in Shinjuku is this vegan cafe. Vege ++ Coffee has a range of different plates on offer, as well as oat milk coffee. After trying the Thai curry, or even the enzyme brown rice plate, you can indulge in some vegan desserts. The comfortable seating and dog-friendly attitude makes this a great place to spend a lunch time. 

Feel & Foods

Take a trip to Kita Aoyama to visit Feel & Foods. Their main aim is to ensure you get your daily nutrients, with a Fit & Vegan menu. You can choose from a Deli Box or a Deli Bowl, both of which contain Root Rice, which is made from 18 different kinds of vegetables—mainly root vegetables. They offer multiple smoothies, and coffee made with oat milk. And there’s also a five-course and seven-course dinner, which is available for vegans! 

Looking to grab a bite outdoors? Check out this lineup of restaurants and cafes.


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