How to Claim Your ¥100,000

We all know the government has announced it will give ¥100,000 to residents of Japan—including foreigners (see below)—to help offset the effects of Covid-19, but how do we actually get it?

Because we created Connect to offer free support to affected businesses and consumers, we want to help everyone receive their cash quickly and easily, so here’s how to apply: 

Disclaimer: We cannot be held liable for the accuracy of this information, which is from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications:

Are you eligible?

As long as you are a legal resident of Japan, regardless of nationality, you can apply for the cash. But what does “legal” mean?

  • You must be listed on the Basic Resident Register as of April 27, which means you have a valid Residence Card and you are registered at your local ward office
  • You hold a residence visa that is valid for more than three months 

If you do not satisfy these requirements, you may still be eligible, so please ask your ward office.

How to Apply?


If you have a My Number Card, you can apply online by computer (only if it has a card reader) or smartphone on this website.

If you only hold a My Number Paper, you will have to apply by post.

Before you apply by smartphone

Details from this site

  • Have your My Number Card ready
  • Check your phone can read a My Number Card here
  • Download the「マイナポータルAP」app (MyNaPortal) on Android or iOS
  • Have your My Number PIN and password ready (you get five attempts to input the correct numbers, after which you are locked out and will have to visit your ward office)
  • Have your bank account details ready

Application Flow

You can see the official video on how to apply online here.

Everything is in Japanese, but don’t be intimidated. The video guide will walk you through the process simply, so you’ll be able to do it even if you don’t understand Japanese well. 

To Apply on Paper by Post

You will automatically receive the paper application documents by mail from your ward office. 

Posting and bank transfer schedules for Tokyo wards and cities are here. The posting schedule for the Osaka area is here

Only use the official documents sent by the ward office where you are registered.

Required Steps:

Details from this site

  • Fill in the application form(s)
  • Photocopy your My Number Paper, health insurance card, or driver’s license
  • Photocopy your bank cash card or bank book page with account number
  • Put the three documents in an envelope and mail it to your ward office

When Will I Receive the Money?

Check your ward office website.


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