Metropolis is no stranger to the English-language community in Tokyo and fans of Japan abroad. Since 1994, it has been delivering up-to-date news and features on film, art, fashion, literature, travel, events, design, music, as well as advice for life in Tokyo, and much more. Metropolis’ free, quality content has been keeping readers coming back for more than a quarter of a century. 

Covid-19 has, unfortunately, taken a toll on Metropolis. To continue producing Metropolis, its team is asking for help from their ardent readers.

Connect would like to show how you can help.

The “Save Metropolis” Campaign

The magazine has started a fundraising campaign on Go Get Funding. 

You can check out the fundraising website here.

Your generous support will help them create more valuable content, especially with the autumn and winter issues.

In Return

Metropolis will pay your generous support back in many ways—from a simple thank you card or a copy of the next issue, to advertising space for your company or brand in the magazine.


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