Seven Places in Tokyo to Have an Outdoor Barbecue

Imagine: it’s the weekend, the sun is shining, and you have a free day to enjoy with friends or family. There are plenty of things you can do to enjoy the outdoors, but sometimes the right answer is simply to have a barbecue. Here are some spots around Tokyo where you can enjoy one.

BBQ Playground, Odaiba

A shot of BBQ Playground in Odaiba Tokyo

This large patio area near the bay in Odaiba is a great place to hang out with friends or family. There is enough space to have some distance from other visitors or to accommodate a large social event. There are meat packages and bottomless drink plans available for you to choose from, but if you decide to bring your own supplies, you can rent this giant space for as little as ¥2,200 per person.

WILDMAGIC The Rainbow Farm, Toyosu

A shot of WILDMAGIC The Rainbow Farm, Toyosu in Tokyo barbecue

WILDMAGIC gives you the chance to experience the camping vibes that you would otherwise have to drive out of Tokyo to experience. There are tents set up around various areas on the grounds such as the Firepit Area, Seaside Area, Village, and Beach and Lagoon Area. It’s also close to TeamLab and Tokyo Sports Playground, so you can explore first and then come to WILDMAGIC to relax and have your barbecue.


A shot of THE BBQ BEACH barbecue in Toyosu in Tokyo

Having the largest number of spots among all of the barbecue places in Tokyo and an epic location overlooking the Rainbow Bridge, THE BBQ BEACH offers a luxurious, beach resort experience. There are lots of seating options, which can accommodate groups of all sizes and budgets. The location is also pet friendly, so you can bring dogs along. As it’s an all-weather facility, it gives you the flexibility to enjoy a barbecue throughout the year.

QUONS, Omotesando

A shot of QUONS, Omotesando barbecue space in Tokyo

For more of a city feeling, try QUONS, which is located on a roof terrace in Omotesando. There is indoor and outdoor seating with large umbrellas, so you’re covered in the event that the weather takes a sudden turn for the worst. In terms of food, you can enjoy beef kalbi, chicken, sausage and more. This is a solid option if you want to dress up a little and enjoy some wine or champagne with your barbecue.

Showa Memorial Park, Tachikawa

People at a barbecue in Showa Memorial Park in Tokyo

For families, Showa Memorial Park is a great choice. Although it is further away from city centers such as Shibuya or Shinjuku, everything from silverware to meat platters and equipment are provided at the park. Not to mention, once you are finished, you can wander into the pet-friendly park to enjoy the 1.6 million square meters of beautiful flowers, trees, and themed gardens. 

Sona Area Tokyo BBQ Garden, Ariake

Outdoor barbecue in Tokyo

Of all the spots on this list, Sona Area Tokyo BBQ Garden offers the most bang for your buck. Admission is just ¥1,030 per person, with food and equipment also provided on site. You can order set meals or a la carte for items such as corn, pork, and more. You can book up to three hours if you go during July or August and up to four hours during the rest of the year.

Splash! Terrace at Tokyo American Club

Have a memorable summer season at Tokyo American Club’s rooftop terrace. For only ¥13,200, you can enjoy a selection of American barbecue favorites accompanied by free-flow drinks while enjoying beautiful views of Tokyo. This is a great option for any occasion.

It’s the perfect time to get out there and get grilling, and in Tokyo, the best part is that you can start empty-handed. These spots do all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is grab some friends or family and book your day. Happy barbecuing!


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