The Best Father's Day Gifts For Every Type of Dad

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’ve come up with six of the best gifts for every type of dad living in Japan. Whether he is a sake enthusiast, a businessman, or loves to travel, we have the best gift ideas for him.

Hand-Tailored Business Attire

Euro Merican Fashions is a premier tailor for professionals all over the world. They are well known for using exclusive fabrics sourced in Italy and England to create custom professional pieces. The Hong Kong-based tailor makes regular visits to Tokyo, so even if you can’t book a fitting appointment for Father’s Day, you can make a reservation for one of his future visits. With any purchase, your spouse or dad will receive a free hand-tailored shirt valued at ¥15,000.

A Luxury Hotel Experience

This is for the father who wants to enjoy a unique luxury hotel experience this Father’s Day. Azabu Ten Tokyo is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Azabu-juban. The uniquely designed hotel features cozy and modern interiors perfect for unwinding and relaxing. GoConnect members get ¥10,000 off a reservation for the luxury room Hakuro.

Expert Financial Advice

Sometimes the best Father’s Day gift is free. Adrian Rowles is a leading financial advisor in Tokyo who helps investors build tax-efficient portfolios with professional strategies to navigate the global markets and transition volatility into long-term benefits. Adrian is offering a free professional investment strategy review and retirement planning analysis for GoConnect members.

A Sake Match For Him

What’s Father’s Day without a nice beverage? Here’s a sake gift that will satisfy Dad’s tastebuds. Kurashu is a unique platform that helps customers discover their ideal sake. First, you take a quiz to assess your sake palate. Then Kurashu will recommend the sake that suits your taste profile. What’s more? Kurashu recommends delicious sake flavors sourced from authentic breweries across Japan. Get ¥1,000 off plus free shipping on any order over ¥5,000.

The Perfect Family Photo

Capture the best moments with your family this Father’s Day. Tia Haygood, the owner of TOPTIA Photography, is a highly recommended photographer in Tokyo. Tia offers family photo sessions, headshots, and more. GoConnect Members get a ¥7,000 gift voucher towards their overall purchase.

Imported Craft Beer

Here’s a specially curated Father’s Day gift for beer lovers in Japan. TITANS is a craft beer taproom and bottle shop near JR Otsuka Station in Tokyo. TITANS offers thoughtfully curated craft beer sets in their online shop. In addition, GoConnect members get ¥1,500 off all online orders.

Shopping for the right gift can be challenging. We hope these Father’s Day gift ideas made it easier for you. All these offers are available for GoConnect members, and some terms and conditions apply. 

Happy Father’s Day!


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