Caroline Pover’s One Month in Tohoku: An Englishwoman’s Memoir on Life after the Japanese Tsunami is an IBA Prize-winning book that delves deeply into adversity and the desire to overcome life’s challenges.  A recent review on Amazon describes the book in the following way: “A deeply personal story with a universal theme: what can one person do in the face of unthinkable death and despair? One Month in Tohoku provides an unexpected but welcome answer: whatever we set our mind to. In the case of Caroline Pover, the question is whether there is any limit to the acts of courage and compassion this intrepid author, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist can achieve, and her stirring account provides glimpse after glimpse into the mind of a real-life superhero at work … It is a heartwarming tale of thoughtfulness, dedication, and creative generosity, in which she lifts up a forgotten community and changes the fates of countless people with the help of her extensive personal and professional networks—and her own hands-on tenacity. In this age of overwhelm, Caroline Pover stands out as a brilliant example of what is possible if we discard our jaded apathy and rediscover the joy of helping. A delight and a privilege to read.”

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