Meehan Group is a Tokyo based interpreting and translation firm with years of practice serving Japanese ministries, law firms, and more.

Meehan Group is a Tokyo-based interpreting and translation firm with years of serving Japanese ministries, law firms and more.

With our roots in legal translation, we have expanded our service to incorporate a variety of fields and now offer a range of boutique language solutions.

Meehan Group appreciates that it isn’t merely language that requires translation or interpretation, but also nuances of culture. It can be legal services, public relations, market research, event planning, and more.

The Meehan Group - Translation company on GoConnect
The Meehan Group - Translation company on GoConnect

Special Offer

Choose one:
A) 25% off our usual fee for a translation project of more than 10,000 source words or 20,000 Japanese characters on a non-specialist topic.
B) 10% off our usual fee for a Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) or face-to-face interpreting project of up to four hours on a non-specialist topic.

How to Use the Special Offer

To use this offer contact us via the link below and include either Offer A or Offer B in the subject line. In the body of your message give a detailed description of the project, including the desired turnover time, other particulars, and materials.

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