Free Financial Review & Portfolio Analysis


Argentum is Japan’s premier financial advisory firm, providing financial planning and wealth management advice to professionals living and working outside their home countries.


We provide financial planning, access to regular and lump sum investments, private retirement planning, education fees planning, portfolio management, life insurance, tax and estate planning strategies, property investment, mortgages, and more.



Special Offer


We offer a free financial review and existing portfolio analysis. It can tell you what areas you may need to start working on, how you could pay less in fees and increase returns on your existing investments. PLUS a 50% discount on first-year fees for investors with excess lump sum cash to invest.


Contact us today to talk with an experienced Advisor on Zoom, Skype or over the phone.


How to Use the Special Offer


Please use the promo code GOCONNECT50% when you message us to qualify for the special offer.