Dependent Visa in Japan: Embrace a Brighter Future Together with Your Family

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Types of Dependent Visas in Japan

Dependent (Family Stays)

A Dependent visa is a visa for the spouse or child of a foreign national who is staying in Japan. Parents and siblings are not included in this category. In this case, spouse refers only to a legally married spouse and does not include common-law spouses, those separated by bereavement or divorce, or a spouse in a same-sex marriage. Child includes legitimate (biological) children, recognized illegitimate children, and legally adopted children.

Spouse or Child of Japanese National

This visa is a family type visa for the spouse of a Japanese national, the special adopted child of a Japanese national, or the biological child of a Japanese national.

  • The “child” in “Spouse or Child of Japanese national” refers to both biological and special adopted children.
  • There are no particular restrictions on the activities permitted by a Japanese spouse’s visa, such as working or going to school. You can engage in employment activities without any restrictions (regardless of your educational background or work history, full-time work, company management, or any other employment activity is possible), and there is no obligation to report a change of job, so it can be said that this visa has great merits.