Experience a Third Office in Karuizawa


A “third office” is a space that can give a company a unique sense of flexibility. Located far from the city center, it is neither a company’s headquarters nor a home office. It’s a place where new ideas can be brought to life, teams strengthened, and employee satisfaction boosted. 




An ideal location for a third office is Karuizawa, in Nagano Prefecture. Combining natural beauty and shopping and dining options with easy access to Tokyo, it offers convenience, luxury, and charm. Forest Corporation, a real estate company with a long history in Nagano Prefecture, can help you develop a third office that meets your needs, from selecting a plot of land to designing a property to your exact specifications. 



Special Offer


Forest Corporation is offering a free, one-night stay at their model Third Office in Karuizawa for the first five respondents. Up to five people per group can take part, and accommodation includes wine, whiskey, and other welcome drinks. 


Note that this offer is only available for companies that are considering to build a third office.



How to Use the Special Offer


Get in touch with Forest Corporation using the form at the webpage linked below.