Book the Ultimate Team-Building Cooking Class in Tokyo

Are you in search of a dynamic program that not only fosters effective communication among your team members but also guarantees a fun and engaging experience? Look no further than our Team Building Cooking Class, specially designed to promote teamwork, unity while making Japanese food. Cooking together as a team has a positive effect that goes beyond just preparing delicious food. It nurtures essential life skills and brings your team together in an enjoyable and highly effective manner, leaving your team with a memorable Japanese experience.

Cook Delightful Japanese Food

Our corporate cooking class boasts an array of mouthwatering Japanese dishes, including sushi rolls, temari sushi, miso soup, and Japanese egg rolls.

Recommended Plan for a Corporate Event

With a cooking time of 60 minutes and a quick lunch or dinner lasting 30 minutes, our program ensures an efficient yet satisfying experience. Should you want more time for a nomikai, or traditional Japanese drinking party, we are more than willing to accommodate your preferences upon consultation.


Kitchens located in central Tokyo. You can consult with us to pick the best venue for you considering location and your group size.

Affordable Pricing with Special Perks

Priced at ¥14,300 (including tax), our cooking class offers incredible value for your corporation. Please note that the minimum number of participants required is 15 people. However, if your group is smaller, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll gladly discuss suitable arrangements.

Exclusive Offer for Your team

To sweeten the deal, we have a special offer—one person can join the course entirely FREE of charge! Additionally, your team will get to enjoy a complimentary sake tasting.


Feel free to contact us for more information about corporate team building cooking classes. We can also conduct a lesson at your home or any place designated for cooking! Email us at or call 050-3375-6458.