HOPE International Development Organization

HOPE Japan


HOPE International Development Agency (HOPE Japan), founded in 2001, responds to local community needs with access to clean water, agriculture, food security, micro-credit, and education. We work in close cooperation on a long-term basis with our beneficiaries in extreme poverty to create solutions to their development challenges.


Founded in 1975, HOPE International Development Agency is a global network of NPOs registered in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Canada, the UK, the US, and Ethiopia.


Volunteer Work


We work with volunteer teams in Tokyo, Kansai (Osaka and Kobe), and our Nagoya office to promote our activities and create awareness of project funding opportunities through charity events such as gala dinners, information seminars, informal gatherings, as well as CSR and corporate engagement programs.


How to Apply


Please email Jeff Behr: jeff@hope.or.jp