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Jennifer Shinkai is an Ikigai and Inclusion Facilitator and leadership executive coach in Tokyo. An ICF Associate Certified Coach and Points of You® Master Trainer with 20 years in Japan, she helps people to create and communicate change as part of a diverse and inclusive team.

She also launched the #MakeMarchMatter free online Facebook community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners impacted by coronavirus cancellations. Join the 150+ members in our 3 x week meetings.

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Resilience Workshop:

Support your remote team with an online 60-minute workshop on building resilience through three science-based practices. A great way to connect virtually whilst building vital skills.

Connect members will receive a 20% discount on corporate rates.

Coaching Discovery Call:

Need a little extra support in your corner during these challenging times? Or finding you finally have some space to consider your ikigai (life purpose), but not sure how to make changes? Let’s discuss on a free 30-minute Coaching Discovery call.