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Kyojin Shop


Kyojin Store focuses on Irish cuisine, such as stews (frozen and vacuum packed), beer, sausages, cheesecake, frozen soda bread dough, and so much more.


Just when the pandemic led to the Japanese government declaring a state of emergency, we launched our online store. From April 8 until July 11 we closed Kyojin Stewhouse in Togoshi Ginza and focused our energy on building our online store and getting all necessary government approval.


Our small restaurant still only opens weekends and holidays with limited seating. However, all items—everything from food and beer to books—are available to purchase online with nationwide shipping.


Special Offer


We’re offering 10% off all purchases over ¥4,500, also valid with existing offers.


How to Use the Special Offer


Promo Code: ConnectMedia10—good for multiple use until Dec 31, 2020.