MakeLeaps Corporation


MakeLeaps is one of Japan’s leading cloud-based invoicing systems. Our platform helps businesses automate the process of issuing and sending invoices. With user-friendly interface and invoice templates that are readily available to use for Japanese business settings, you can start generating invoices with a few clicks of a button.


We are the only cloud-based invoicing system in Japan that allows you to issue invoices in both Japanese and English with over 30 different currencies.


Special Offer


MakeLeaps is committed to helping our business community during these challenging times by offering ¥5,000 in Mail Points.


The Mail Points can be used toward our invoice delivery service (郵送代行): equivalent to printing, stamping, and mailing up to 30 invoices to your clients for free, just with a few mouse clicks!


How to Use the Special Offer


Please enter the code CM2020SPRING when you sign up for MakeLeaps.


The offer is valid from April 7, 2020, through July 7, 2020.