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Simplify your permanent resident visa process in Japan with our multilingual administrative scriveners. From application start to finish, we provide expert consulting services in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Our certified team assists with contacting foreign applicants and their hiring companies, creating application forms, and handling all necessary documentation. We offer a streamlined visa journey, reducing time and labor burdens for our valued customers. Our professional expertise will help to navigate the complexities of visa requirements seamlessly.

What is a Permanent Resident Visa in Japan?

If you’re interested in staying in Japan for a long time then you might want to consider applying for a permanent resident visa. According to the Immigration Bureau’s guide on the permanent resident visa for foreign nationals in Japan, as the name suggests, the permanent resident visa enables you to reside continuously in Japan without worrying about renewal, as long as the visa is not revoked. This visa offers great advantages, as it places no restrictions on your activities, such as work limitations, and no there is no specific period of stay imposed. Essentially, it grants you the privilege to live in Japan similar to a Japanese national except for the right to vote.

What are the Benefits of Having a Permanent Visa in Japan?

  • The permanent resident visa in Japan offers the remarkable benefit of not having any period of stay limitation, making the need for renewal applications unnecessary. Once granted, this visa allows you to reside in the country indefinitely, providing you with long-term stability and peace of mind.
  • Experience newfound freedom in your career path! With a permanent resident visa, you won’t need to worry about notifying the Immigration Bureau when changing jobs. Embrace the flexibility to start a business, become self-employed, or engage in part-time work, all without any time restrictions. Your professional journey is now unrestricted and boundless!
  • Once you have obtained permanent residency, rest assured that even in the event of a divorce or the unfortunate loss of a spouse who is a Japanese national, your acquired permanent resident visa will remain unaffected. It provides you with a stable and secure status, independent of any personal circumstances.
  • While the majority of people in Japan use mortgages to purchase homes, most foreigners face challenges in applying for mortgages at conventional banks unless they hold a permanent resident visa. Obtaining a permanent resident visa not only simplifies the process of acquiring a mortgage but also offers numerous additional benefits beyond visa-related matters. Embrace the advantages that come with obtaining a permanent resident visa, making your journey towards homeownership and other opportunities smoother and more rewarding.


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