Sign Four Members of Your Organization Up for an Experiential Workshop and the Fifth Is Free!

Would you like to discover how to empower your teammates to tackle new challenges while developing a culture of engagement at your organization? Refugee Empowerment International (REI) invites you to join their experiential workshop, where you can network and share learnings with your peers.

REI is an organization that is dedicated to supporting displaced persons around the world in improving their lives through programs that include health support, skills development, and education. The workshop will feature case studies of REI-funded projects that illustrate the way that refugees around the world have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, and what companies can learn from them. This engaging, bilingual event, facilitated by Tove Kinooka, director and co-founder of Enteleco, and Mete Yazici, the founder of Commoncolors, will offer plenty of practical takeaways that will help you transform your company’s culture.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, January 2024, from 4–7pm at the Adecco office in Shiba, Minato Ward. The fee for the event, which includes refreshments, is ¥4,500. And if you register four members of your team for the workshop, the fifth member is free.

You can register on their website. REI looks forward to seeing you there!