Rejuvenate Yourself with a Multi-Step Spa Experience for Just ¥8,200

kunistyle Enzyme SPA


Rejuvenate Yourself with a Multi-Step Spa Experience for Just ¥8,200

Experience luxury with our bacteria active enzyme bath that features high-quality cypress and rice bran. The treatment targets impurities and boosts anti-aging properties.

kunistyle Enzyme SPA provides a luxurious and relaxing spa experience.
At kunistyle SPA only the highest quality products and ingredients are used to ensure the best spa experience in Tokyo. You’ll be taken care of by licensed professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service in a tranquil and serene environment. 

Immerse yourself in a refreshing blend of high-quality cypress and rice bran, fermented with natural energy produced by a secret enzyme stock solution, as you soak in a bacteria active enzyme bath. After 20 minutes in the enzyme bath you will move to the esthetic room to continue your pampering session. Here, you can enjoy a beauty ingredient sheet, EMS, and an iontophoresis facemask to further enhance the benefits of the treatment. A special headset will also be used to remove active oxygen in the body. This revolutionary treatment goes beyond the surface and targets impurities at a cellular level, boosting anti-aging properties and leaving you with a sunkissed glow. Get the ultimate indulgent experience for your skin and body in Tokyo. 

Normally this treatment is ¥12,800, but first-time customers can book it for ¥8,200.


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Enjoy a rejuvenating and nourishing experience offered by kunistyle Enzyme SPA.

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