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We believe that sleep is one of the lifestyles that enriches our lives, just like eating and exercising. However, Japanese people are said to have the shortest sleep time in the world. Everyone knows the importance of sleep, but not many people have found a concrete solution. That’s why we wanted to provide a good sleep to as many people as possible by making the best mattress. And one day, we will realize a world where everyone can have a wonderful morning every day. That is our mission at gugu and our promise to our customers.

Premium sleep at an affordable price. 

How can we deliver the best sleep at an affordable price? This is also one of the things we value at gugu. By delivering directly to the customer without going through an intermediary, we cut the extra costs associated with distribution as much as possible. By making the process as simple as possible, from manufacturing to customer purchase, we are able to offer affordable prices.

Did you know that getting quality sleep improves your immune system and helps you to be more productive, creative, and healthy? gugu Sleep offers high-quality mattresses at a great price. You can order in minutes online and delivery will be right to your door, usually in one to two days.