Lexis Language Center

Lexis Language Center is a Pre-k to Grade 12 returnee and bilingual weekly English school. We also host conversation courses for all ages. In both our returnee and private lessons we prepare students to be successful whether they move abroad or stay in Japan.  We also prepare students for Eiken, TOEFL, TOIEC, IELTS, and other examinations, and to meet individual needs. We host Eiken Tests, allowing students to take the test in their usual classrooms.

In our 30 year history, we have been a part of Kichijoji for three generations of students. We hire only native English teachers and teach in the North American style with a curriculum curated from Canada, the USA, Japan, Australia, and the UK.


We are dedicated to providing an exciting, multicultural learning space where young children, elementary, junior, high school, returnees, international and advanced students, can all do their best and keep growing. We have established a full curriculum from Pre-K to 12th grade along with university preparation. We use effective and creative teaching methods to help our students fully understand English and to improve their thinking skills along with reading, writing, grammar, spelling, listening and speaking. Despite our focus on skills we encourage friendliness, smiles, and most importantly, fun. We want to motivate our students to become global citizens, able to connect with different cultures, regardless of whether they cross borders or stay in Japan. We inspire Lexis students to use their English skills to improve their lives and contribute positively to society.