Four Japan-Based TikTokers You Have to Follow

TikTok has rapidly become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. The variety of content its users create is vast and the amount of information found on the platform can be extremely useful.

GoConnect had a little look around TikTok and found some really great content creators on the app that offer great Japan-based videos for English speakers. For those who are interested in life in Japan, these TikTokers are a must watch. The content varies from lifestyle to food and even real estate. They’re entertaining and useful!



San Tokyo is an account run by a Canadian-Korean girl. Her TikToks range from travel—showing sea turtles in Okinawa and highlights from her trip to the Izu Peninsula—to 3D latte art and hidden bars in Tokyo. Not only does she give good insight into traveling in Japan and life in Tokyo, she also offers useful information for foreigners there, including looking at the best Japanese-English translation app, as well as a short video about getting a tattoo in Tokyo. Make sure to check out her recent post exploring the trendy neighborhood of Kabutocho in Nihonbashi.



Another great TikToker in Japan is @kitt_eats. This content creator is all about food in Tokyo and showcases some of their top choices of restaurants. The nicely filmed videos are paired with fitting music, shots of the interiors and, of course, the food. The restaurants mentioned range from Mexican—like Fonda de la Madrugada in Jingumae, Shibuya Ward—to charming brunch places such as Locale in Meguro Ward. The account also explores the land of sweets, showcasing some delicious-looking treats around Tokyo. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next dining experience, check out this account!



Go! Go! Nihon is a popular account and posts extremely informative videos for those looking to move to or visit Japan and for those already here. A language school company with the same name runs the account. The company helps people find and apply to language schools in Japan, so their knowledge of the local areas is pretty extensive.

Their videos cover a variety of helpful topics, such as important Japanese phrases for travelers, keywords to help you talk like a local, and phrases for a visit to a bank. They also create more lifestyle-focused videos that range from vending machine items, the best things to do in summer, and simple “day in the life” videos of Japanese language school students.



Another informative and helpful TikTok account is Erik Realtor. He refers to himself as “your mom’s favorite realtor” and posts exclusive real estate content. Well filmed video tours of apartments throughout Tokyo are not only fun to look at, but can also give those looking to move more of an idea of what is out there at the moment. He also posts “hottest deals of the week” videos, looking at some of the best beautiful apartments on offer. The videos come with information about key money, deposits, Wifi and much more. Some of the apartments may be a smidge pricey, but it can’t hurt to look, right?


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