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Animals • Health • Minorities • Environment • Advocacy • Faith • Victims • Justice • Resources • Hunger • Homelessness • Politics • Rights • Principles • Business • Education • Culture • Training • Arts—or just helping others?


Many charities and other NPOs need our help now more than ever before. If you’d like to help, but you’re not sure how, this is where to put your soul and passion into action with like-minded people.


Whatever your organization stands for, you will need valuable helping hands–and this FREE service for both volunteers and NPOs is where and how to find keen volunteers who match your mission.

Interns & Employers

Paid or voluntary, fixed-period internships offer useful skills, vital experience, industry knowhow, and a prime asset in a tough job market. Employers benefit from keen labor and fresh perspectives—while both parties test each other in the real world before taking the next crucial step.

This is where they both start:

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