GoConnect was born from a simple idea—to help local businesses when they needed it most. In early 2020, the Covid-19 outbreak was having a drastic effect on a broad range of businesses in Tokyo—in some cases, threatening their very survival. As an SME ourselves, we at Custom Media knew we needed to help, and took action by doing what we do best—advertising and marketing.

We created a platform that allowed SMEs, entrepreneurs, independent businesses and other local companies to promote their goods and services, free of charge. Connect, as we were called then, went live on March 30, 2020.

Meeting Our Community’s Needs

A wide range of businesses, ranging from hotels and restaurants to legal services and IT companies joined the platform. And as our community of Partners and Members grew, we adapted and developed with it.

In the months since launching, we added a variety of features and held special campaigns, increasing the visibility of the platform and the community that makes it all happen.

September 2020

And it wasn't just our community that was noticing our growth. We were recognized at the 2020 Best Business Awards in the Best Corporate Social Responsibility category.

November 2020

We rebranded as GoConnect, and rededicated ourselves as a platform that provides our growing Member community with a range of great offers and experiences.

August 2021

Our Member community is now more than 10,000 strong, and there are more than 150 Partners from a range of business segments listed on the platform.

What We Do

The heart of our platform is offers, which allow our Partners to share special deals with GoConnect Members. Here, both sides benefit: Members get great deals on products and services, while Partners get increased brand awareness and an influx of customers. To help boost the visibility of offers even more, we regularly create special campaigns when our Partners share limited-time deals that we promote to our community and beyond.

We also have a section dedicated to supporting NPOs that are looking for volunteers who want to support a variety of worthy causes, which range from assisting refugees around the world to cleaning up the environment.

Our Stories section started as a platform for our Partners to share their narratives of resilience in the face of the pandemic. It has expanded to include stories that we believe that our community will find useful, along with opportunities for local businesses to get the word out about their products and services.

Finally, given the growing demand for webinars in the wake of the pandemic, we maintain a regularly updated lineup of online events that help keep our community informed and aware about developments in business and technology, and give them the opportunity to network online.

The GoConnect Team

Just like the company that launched it, GoConnect is defined by its diversity. Our team members don’t just represent a variety of nations, we also bring a wealth of complementary skills to the platform, which helps it continue to thrive.

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GoConnect was born from a simple idea—to help local businesses when they needed it most.

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The Company That Launched GoConnect

GoConnect was born from a simple idea—to help local businesses when they needed it most.

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