Introducing Mask Pocket

As Connect is all about supporting new and innovative ideas from our Partners, we would like to introduce you to a brand-new product from the printing company Bun-Shin K.K.: Mask Pocket. It’s an envelope-shaped cover that you can put your mask in whenever you need to take it off. What’s special about this for businesses is that Bun-Shin can customize the design to your company’s request. 

Read on for more about Mask Pocket and how to order it.

Meeting a Need

Mask-wearing is a necessity when going out, but it comes with plenty of inconveniences. For example, when you sit down and eat at a restaurant, you need to take it off. Putting it on the table or inside your pocket can risk contamination, and throwing it away is neither economical nor eco-friendly.

Meeting this need was how Mask Pocket—a hygienic, and environmentally conscious option—was born. 

With Businesses in Mind

As a printer, Bun-Shin wanted to create a new product that would contribute not only to the health of consumers but also to the success of businesses, especially those in the food and beverage industry. 

To this end, Bun-Shin can print a customized design, logo, or message on the Mask Pocket. This helps businesses with promoting their brand and communicating with their customers from afar.

For example, restaurants can distribute the Mask Pocket to diners, so they can use it in their daily life, all while keeping the restaurant in mind thanks to the printed design, logo or message.

Contact Bun-Shin

If you are interested in producing personalized Mask Pockets for your business, get in touch with Bun-Shin. You can order over the phone or by email.



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