Discover Nagano’s Finest Sake with an Exclusive Advent Calendar

Yoikana Sake Brewing


Discover Nagano’s Finest Sake with an Exclusive Advent Calendar

Treat yourself and loved ones with a delicious bottle of sake every day in December with this limited time offer.

Sake, also known as rice wine, traces its origin back centuries. Today, the alcoholic beverage remains one of Japan's most beloved drinks. Sake is ingrained in Japanese culture and tradition, and Yoikana Sake Brewing Co is offering you the opportunity to enjoy Japanese culture in the comfort of your home or to share it with your loved ones.

Yoikana Sake Brewing Co, a famous sake brewery in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, is offering limited edition sake calendars for ¥22,000 (tax included). Each calendar comes with 24 bottles of sake that allow you to taste all of the six main types of the beverage, as well as two traditional sake cups as a bonus gift. 

Whether you are a longtime sake lover or just beginning your sake journey, this deal is perfect for you. Preorders started on October 1, so purchase now to receive one of the 50 calendars. You can place your order today by emailing

Orders will be shipped to your Japanese address before November 23, 2023. A shipping fee of ¥1,500 will be charged separately. 

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