Free coaching session about team manangement



Free coaching session about team manangement

Yuki Sakuragi is offering a free 60-minute coaching session in English or Japanese.


Yuki Sakuragi is a bilingual (Japanese-English) coach.


She has spent years working in pharmaceutical firms, leading teams to meet patients' unmet medical needs through global drug development. Through her experience balancing family and work, while meeting the expectations of a leader and manager, she realized the value of a personal coach and mentor to help managers grow professionally. She now supports managers and executives as a coach, encouraging them to think deeply about what they value.


Special Offer


I will offer a free 60-minute coaching session for managers and executives (in English or Japanese).


If you are an expat who would like to better lead your team or organization in Japan, or would like to offer coaching to your staff in Japanese, don't miss this offer.


How to Use the Special Offer


Contact me and mention the Connect special offer.


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Website (Japanese):


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