Ginza Beauty Medical Clinic

Address: Sakura Marks Ginza 612 8F, 6-12-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Phone: 03-6264-6330
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Ginza Beauty Medical Clinic is the aesthetic medicine destination for those looking for natural, beautiful results without going under the knife or looking overdone.

Whether you wish to restore a youthful facial appearance, increase hair volume, or take preventive actions to stay healthy and young, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Ayako Sekine, M.D., understands that each patient is unique and she strives to enhance their appearance with her experience of combining aesthetic and regenerative medicine. Dr. Sekine believes that surgery is not for everyone and you can achieve many of your aesthetic goals through our treatments. She draws upon her vast experience to provide aesthetic treatments that are tailored to each patient’s individuality and unique beauty.

We pride ourselves on our ability to treat your entire family as we do our own, with the utmost compassion and attention to detail. We offer flexible scheduling everyday except for Mondays for all services and skin care consultations. Our entire team is focused on the intimate and personal care each of our patients deserves.

Selected Medicine and Beauty Treatments 

  • Face Treatments: Fibroblast implant, PRP (platelet rich plasma), ACRS (autologous cytokine rich serum), exosome treatment, dermapen (microneedling), laser, botox (neurotoxin)
  • Intravenous Treatment (IV): Adipose derived stem cell intravenous infusion, exosome intravenous infusion, vitamin C, NMN, diet, detox antioxidants (glutathione), and acne
  • Prescription: diet, Rybelsus® (oral medication)and Ozempic®(shots),  supplements, and skincare cosmetics.