Japan Road Trip

Address: VORT Mita Station 3F, Shiba 4-3-11, Minato-ku 
Phone: 03-6777-6565

All of the vehicles are equipped for your essential camping needs. Some vehicles are equipped with a separate air-conditioning system during the summer season and heaters for the winter season. Some of our vehicles offer a power generator as a standard equipment when you rent a certain vehicle. The interior design of each vehicle is done by a professional interior coordinator. Choose the vehicle of your own liking that will best suit your trip! Additionally, we offer vehicle tours and a free driving lesson for those who are unfamiliar with driving larger vans so that everyone can feel safe road tripping through Japan. 

Purchasing a vehicle that is already three years old will allow you to take advantage of the tax-saving return benefits that you can apply every year. Fixed costs such as maintenance costs, insurance premiums, and parking fees can be included into the price of the vehicle itself, making it applicable for the tax return benefits done every year. 

Thinking about monetizing your purchase in other ways than the tax return benefits? Most investors that we have do not use the vans on an everyday basis; instead they rent out the vehicles to customers, who are mostly foreign. Other investors use the vans for their company trips that may be used by their staff for free as well.

Reselling a used camper van still has a lot of benefits, as it depreciates much more slowly than a normal vehicle. The biggest advantage is that the resale value will be a lot higher than that of normal vehicles. If the vehicle is sold after depreciation as a tax-saving measure, we can purchase the vehicle or support you in finding a suitable offer from a buyer as well.