Nirvana New York

Nirvana New York

Modern Indian cuisine that satisfies both body and soul

Address: Midtown Galleria Garden Terrace 1F, Akasaka, 9-7-4, Minato-ku 
Phone: 03-5647-8305

This is a space whose name means "paradise on earth" in Sanskrit. Established in 1970 in Manhattan, New York, the Indian restaurant Nirvana has attracted celebrities from around the world with its outstanding location overlooking Central Park and its hospitable service.

After 33 years of history, the founder's son chose Tokyo Midtown as the stage to carry on that spirit. Hinokicho Park spreads out in front of you, the terrace overlooking Midtown Garden, and the exotic interior accented with gold.

Regardless of how times may change or what trends come and go, the food we eat everyday does not lie to our bodies. For this reason, we aim to provide Indian cuisine that will not only tantalize the senses and provide a memorable dining experience, but one that will also be a source of energy and wellness for modern living. 

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