Olivetree International School

Address: 2F Arushu Yoyogi, 1-11-12 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6804-9808
Email: info@olivetree-school.com
Website: https://www.olivetree-school.com/ 

An international preschool for ages 18 months to five years old (turning six). We provide quality childcare through play and experience and focus on hands-on activities. We encourage children to find their own answers and learn from them. We have activities for each age group and are here to guide each child to discover and experience learning in a comforting and relaxed atmosphere. The school is located next to one of the biggest parks in Tokyo. We offer outdoor education because of its importance to sensory and motor simulation, and because the harmony and beauty of nature will naturally arouse children’s thoughts and curiosity. Outstanding aspects of Olivetree International School include TOMAS Gymnastics, Japanese, sign language, and outdoor education.
Olivetree International School offers educational opportunities for all interests and age levels. Join our Gymnastics classes developed by TOMAS Gymnastics that focus on developing your child’s strength, flexibility and balance. Additionally, our students have the opportunity to have a flexible learning environment by exploring the outdoors at surrounding parks. Each outdoor adventure has seasonal themes that follow the changes of the seasons. Whether it be a story time in the park or a “morning circle” activity, your child will be able to experience different temperatures and observe the flora and fauna of the area. 
We also offer classes in Japanese everyday in order to immerse your child into Japanese language and culture. Children will have the opportunity to learn about Japan throughout their studies. However, your child’s main classes will be offered in English, offering a good balance of immersive education. We also offer sign language classes which have been proven to benefit early childhood development, including harnassing the ability to foster cross-cultural community. 
We offer STEAM activities for your young ones that allow students to stimulate their minds. Our STEAM activities develop your child’s critical thinking, communication skills, and problem solving abilities. 


Olivetree International School is inspired by Frobel and Steiner’s early childhood education, which focuses on hands-on activities and creative play. We value our time dedicated to outdoor education, playing in nature and doing activities in a natural environment, because of its importance to sensory and motor simulation.



We are located next to Yoyogi Park, one of the biggest parks in Tokyo. There is also a small park nearby for children to play, and a small soccer field big enough for the children to run around.



We are committed to creating an atmosphere full of warmth, happiness, safety, respect, creativity and possibility.