3 Language Schools Where You Can Improve Your Japanese

Was improving your Japanese abilities one of your New Year’s resolutions? Or has it been on your mind for even longer than that, but you haven’t been able to find the time in your busy schedule? Of course, learning Japanese takes time, but GoConnect has a great selection of schools that offer flexible schedules and courses for various levels. And they’re dedicated to helping working people like you reach your Japanese learning goals. So without further ado, here’s our lineup of Japanese language schools—along with some discount codes that will help motivate you to apply!

Coto Japanese Club and Coto Japanese Academy

Learn Japanese anywhere

With more than 20 years of experience, Coto has developed high-quality Japanese lessons and become one of Tokyo’s best part-time language schools. Coto has two Japanese language schools: Coto Japanese Club and Coto Japanese Academy. Their professional and friendly instructors will assist you on your Japanese language journey with fun and flexible lessons.

Friendly native teachers at Coto Japanese Club.

Coto takes pride in providing high-quality, customizable private lessons, both online and in-person. Coto Japanese Club currently provides three types of courses: private customized lessons, part-time courses that you can study casually with a flexible schedule, and a Japanese crash course to help you navigate life in Japan. If you want to learn Japanese with your colleagues at your office, you can apply for their dispatch lessons. Coto Japanese Club is offering GoConnect Members a ¥5,000 discount when they sign up as new students.

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At Coto Japanese Academy, you can choose intensive Japanese courses in a small group lesson format, part-time classes with a focus on conversation, or private lessons that help you study at your own pace. They also have excellent online classes, where you can learn Japanese anywhere in the world!

Study Japanese, wherever you are.

Coto Japanese Academy is offering a 50% discount on new student registration fees for GoConnect Members.

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Japan Switch

Best for conversational Japanese

Japan Switch is well known for providing flexible morning Japanese-language lessons in Tokyo. Their strong emphasis on speaking and conversational Japanese goes well with their motto, which is to help foreigners make the switch to learning Japanese.

Japan Switch puts an emphasis on Japanese conversation.

If you are looking to use your Japanese in daily life, Japan Switch’s textbooks are very practical. They will help you improve your Japanese to the N3 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which means you’ll be speaking at a conversational level. What’s more, Japan Switch has no enrollment or hidden fees, and offers lots of flexibility with scheduling. You can easily change your class to private or group lessons—online or in-person—and schedule make-up classes depending on your schedule. This flexibility helps you to save anywhere from 30% to 60% on your Japanese lessons, compared to other schools. If this sounds like the Japanese language school for you, have a look at their GoConnect offer!

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Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) Continuing Education

Step up to university-level Japanese courses

If you have covered the basics and are looking for courses to level up your Japanese in an academic environment, Temple University, Continuing Education is a great choice. Unlike at regular Japanese language schools, at TUJ you are guaranteed to be taught by experienced and university-qualified language teachers.

Japanese Language Schools for Working Professionals

They have classes for different levels, with an emphasis on different skills. These include Intermediate Reading and Speaking, Intermediate Grammar and Speaking, as well as advanced practical courses such as Japanese Newspaper and TV News. If you’re interested in the JLPT, they also provide a preparation course for the N2 exam. TUJ Continuing Education is also suitable for professionals, as they offer Saturday and evening classes. Right now, TUJ Continuing Education has a 15% discount on all classes through GoConnect, so don’t miss out!

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