7 Antenna Shops in Tokyo

There’s no place like home … except maybe an antenna shop. Tokyo is undoubtedly one of the most well-known cultural hubs of Japan, drawing visitors from all over the country and the world to experience it all. While there’s so much to do and see in Tokyo, if you are a resident from another prefecture you may still get homesick, and if you are a tourist you may wish to experience more of what Japan has to offer without straying too far from the metropolis. This is where antenna shops come in, and they aren’t selling electronics! These shops specialize in prefectural goods, and sell food, drinks and souvenirs that you would usually only find in their designated region. These shops are the perfect places to source souvenirs also known as omiyage, or to learn more about Japan’s prolific culture.



Okinawa washita antenna shop in Ginza Tokyo
Photo Credit: Washita


If you’re looking for Washita, you cannot miss it: the store is marked by a traditional Okinawan temple gate and guardian shisa. Inside you can find popular snacks, fresh produce and sake. Traditional Okinawan foods are made and sold for eating inside the shop, including mozuku tempura, a type of seaweed common in Okinawa that is deep-fried. Other oceanic delicacies from Okinawa include “sea grapes,” another seaweed popular for its bubble-like texture. For dessert, the iconic Blue Seal ice cream is a must. This shop is loved for its authentic Okinawa feel. Washita is located in Ginza, which has a record number of antenna shops for one neighborhood.


Address: 1F/B1F Maruto Ginza Building, 1-3-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Closest station: Ginza-itchome Station




Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU


Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU if you want to buy souvenirs in tokyo
Photo Credit: Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU


With its chic interior and plethora of goods, this antenna shop provides a taste of Hiroshima in Ginza. Its name, “TAU,” means “to reach” in the Hiroshima dialect, and for those hoping to reach Hiroshima it couldn’t be more aptly named. Four floors make up this shop, and each floor offers different sections and goods. Wine lovers must head to the “sake studio” for a tasting, and seafood delicacies aplenty can be enjoyed at their dining establishments. Maple and lemon are the staple flavors of the sweets sold at TAU, and fresh citrus is often available. Whether shopping for makeup items or looking for a meal, TAU is sure to please.


Address: Ginza Ueichi Building, 1-6-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Closest station: Ginza-itchome Station




Ginza Nagano


Ginza Nagano souvenir or omiyage shop in Tokyo.
Photo Credit: Ginza Nagano


One of Ginza’s more modest antenna shops, Ginza Nagano is the spot for all things Shinshu, including kakigori, milk bread, and local fruits like apples and grapes. The fruit they sell will change with the season, so you can experience different specialities of Nagano throughout the year. The bar counter is perfect for a tasting, during which you can enjoy a selection of snacks exclusive to the shop. Alongside the variety of foods is regional lacquerware for sale. Be sure to get there early, as the famed milk bread sells out quickly.


Address: 1F/2F/5F NOCO Building, 5-6-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Closest station: Ginza Station




Hokkaido Foodist


Hokkaido Foodist shop is a prefectural shop in Tokyo where you can buy food and goods from Hokkaido prefecture
Photo Credit: Hokkaido Foodist


One of the top Hokkaido antenna shop delicacies is melon soft serve—an homage to Hokkaido’s delicious milk and its valuable yubari melon—and you’ll find no shortage of it at Hokkaido Foodist. This shop in the Yaesu shopping mall carries a wide variety of foods and snacks from the Hokkaido region. If you’re after something more savory than soft cream, the shop sells plenty of mutton, which is key in the specialty grilled mutton dish “Genghis Khan.” Hokkaido locals get their fix of Guarana soda at Foodist, as the drink is not as popular outside of the prefecture and thus often not available in other parts of Japan.


Address: Underground Shopping Center, 2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku
Closest station: Tokyo Station




Za Gamoru 2 (The Gamall)


If you love Kyoto then you will love this shop that sells japanese goods from Kyoto prefecture. 7 Antenna Shops in Tokyo
Photo Credit: The Gamall


This antenna shop nestled in a Sugamo shopping street is a collaboration of Taisho University with the municipalities of different prefectures. Their “Za Gamoru 2” shop is a store specializing in wares and omiyage from Kyoto. While many antenna shops cater to nostalgia and the homespun nature of local food and items, this store is geared more towards artisan goods. They continually feature new one-of-a-kind wares, from Kyoto-famous coffee with handmade cups to match to brightly colored Zuikou kiln pottery. They also offer a fair selection of snacks and sake for those after an authentic Kyoto flavor.


Address: 3-38-1 Sugamo, Toshima-ku
Closest station: Sugamo Station




Osaka Hyakkaten


Osaka Hyakkaten shop for people that love Osaka. This is a souvenir shop in Tokyo.
Photo Credit: Osaka Hyakkaten


The next best thing after traveling to Osaka is visiting Osaka Hyakkaten in Yurakucho. Their antenna shop and food stand brings in customers with their takoyaki and fried squid. As is antenna shop custom, beer and soft cream are also available for purchase at the counter. Osaka Hyakkaten’s other bestsellers include mascarpone chocolate sweets and pork meat buns, which can be steamed at home. Other high-quality products, such as specialty soaps, can be purchased for a well-rounded shopping experience. Typical souvenirs of the keychain and character sock variety are there for the younger crowd.


Address: 1F Tokyo Traffic Hall, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku
Closest station: Yurakucho Station




Nara Mahoroba


Nara Mahoroba shop in Tokyo. 7 Antenna shops in Tokyo. The sale shaved 0ce cream also know as kakigori.
Photo Credit: Nara Mahoroba


If you’re hoping to source goods from Nara or learn more about traveling to the area, Nara Mahoroba in Shimbashi is more than willing to help you out. Their aim is to help customers “experience the charm of Nara in every season,” from ruby red strawberries to high quality pottery and utensils. The store is separated into three parts: shop, cafe and bar, and restaurant. The cafe and bar is perfect for a quick taste of Nara’s sake and craft beer or to refresh yourself with some shaved ice. The restaurant TOKi on the second floor uses ingredients that highlight the culture of Nara for a unique and sophisticated dining experience. Their shop carries carefully selected goods that show off the craftsmanship of the prefecture, as well as snacks like warabimochi and pudding adorned with a smiling Buddha.


Address: 1F/2F SMBC Shinbashi Building, 1-8-4 Shimbashi, Minato-ku
Closest station: Shimbashi Station



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