Best Instagrammable Places in Tokyo: A Journey of Discovery

Ever since the borders were opened last winter, tourists have been flocking into Japan after a long wait. Besides the typical well-known spots in Shibuya and Shinjuku, did you know about other areas that can also serve as the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post? These are our recommendations for your next photoshoots in Tokyo!


Besides being the perfect shopping area, especially for streetwear enthusiasts, Harajuku offers a wealth of spots for a good photoshoot. Omohara Forest outside Starbucks on the sixth floor of Tokyu Plaza has beautiful greenery and multiple spots to snap a picture, whether it be next to the waterfall or against the glass wall overlooking the streets of Harajuku. Another great spot is the entrance to Tokyu Plaza, which features an array of mirrors that make for unforgettable, kaleidoscopic pictures. Otherwise, check out Cat Street, or Urahara—the back alleys of Harajuku—for narrow streets full of cute store fronts and little coffee shops. Why not wear your latest purchase for your shots around the area? 

Miyashita Park 

The newest hot spot in Shibuya, Miyashita Park is a giant shopping complex with a cool metal exterior, giving off a futuristic vibe. Thanks to its cool stairs and rooftop garden on the fourth floor, it’s a big draw for Tokyo youth to chill with friends or shoot TikTok dances. There are also yummy and popular dessert spots like bread, espresso & as well as delicious ice cream at Kith, featuring recipes developed by Japanese celebrities and influencers. The park features local skyline views, and on the first floor, little streets full of izakaya offer backgrounds with lanterns and cool store signs in Japanese for a night time shoot! 

Gardens and Flower Gardens

Groomed to perfection, Japanese gardens are usually blooming beautifully, but they might be at their best in the summer. They almost demand to be admired and posted on social media. Shinjuku Gyoen is an ideal spot, and should you want shots with paddling boats, head over to Kichijoji’s Inokashira Park. 

Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory

If you’re a fan of all things Ghibli, this is a spot you shouldn’t miss. The charming bakery’s best-known creations are cream puffs that are made in the shape of the beloved Totoro. Not only are they worthy of a great photo, they’re also quite tasty! Chocolate and custard cream puffs are served year round, while other flavors are rotated out during the year. This spot is just a short walk from either Setagaya-Daita or Shimokitazawa stations.   

teamLab Planets

The immersive experience of digital art at teamLab makes it a hotspot for photoshoots, and as a must-see place when visiting Tokyo. At teamLab Planets Toyosu, you can take off your shoes and walk through water, and a garden full of flowers. The museum features four large-scale artwork spaces and two gardens, and each photo taken there is unique as the artworks change in people’s presence, blurring the boundaries between art and people. Get your tickets early since it often sells out!

Rikugien and Toyo Bunko Museum

Rikugien is a historic Japanese garden that dates back to the 1700s. It’s best known for its autumn foliage light-up event in late November, and its massive cherry tree that blooms during the spring. However, it is stunning and great fun to explore any time of year. There are many spots inside the gardens to capture beautiful photographs, and each season presents new opportunities. There is also a traditional tea house where you can sip a bowl of matcha. 

Just a short walk from Rikugien’s southern entrance is Toyo Bunko Museum. The primary purpose of the museum is the preservation and study of Asian heritage, but it also features a photo spot that feels like it’s straight out of Harry Potter. When visiting, be sure to check out Orient Cafe, an affordable yet upscale restaurant. The garden and museum are most easily accessible from Komagome Station.  

Roppongi Hills 

Heading to the top of Roppongi Hills, you can shoot panoramas featuring the city’s most iconic sights, including Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree and even Mt. Fuji, if you’re lucky enough to be there on a clear day. You’re also close to a variety of museums, including Mori Art Museum, the National Art Center, Tokyo, and 21_21 Design Sight. Be mindful of other museumgoers if you’re shooting at an exhibition, though.

Hijiribashi Bridge

This spot has been getting attention from trainspotters over the past few years, and for good reason! Three different train lines—the Sobu, Chuo, and Marunouchi—all converge here, and if your timing is right, you can catch a shot of all of them running by at the same time. The bridge is close to either Ochanomizu or Shin-Ochanomizu stations. 


While technically not a part of Tokyo, Yokohama is just a short train ride away and takes you to a super modern city in Kanagawa, a prefecture boasting one of the highest living standards in Japan. Besides the Cup Noodle Museum and Ramen Museum, there are lots of events held at Red Brick Warehouse, as well as Cosmoworld Amusement Park in Minato Mirai. Do check out Hammerhead, which is full of modern restaurants and a terrace with scenic water views.

Rainbow Bridge 

The Rainbow Bridge is a vast suspension bridge spanning 798 meters that you can walk across, offering many angles for a photoshoot. With a pedestrian-only promenade that is approximately a 25-minute walk, it offers astonishing views of the Tokyo skyline, and some of the best to be had are from the Odaiba Island side of the bridge.

Nezu Shrine 

Skip Sensoji in Asakusa and pass on taking a trip all the way to Kyoto. Tokyo has beautiful torii gates at Nezu Shrine for your next photoshoot. Overshadowed by more famous temples, it’s much less crowded than other touristy spots, offering you more space and time for photography. It dates back to 1705, and offers some peace among the hustle and bustle of Japan’s capital while walking and shooting surrounded by scenic walking paths and immaculate foliage.


If you love the bright neon lights, make sure to visit Shinjuku’s Kabukicho. Rows and rows of neon signs advertise hundreds and thousands of eateries and night spots. The iconic Golden Gai alleyway shouldn’t be missed, as well as the big Godzilla on top of Toho Cinemas! 

Tokyo Skytree

Opened in 2012, Tokyo is the world’s tallest tower, measuring 634 meters high. With remarkable panoramic city views from either the 350- or 450-meter high observation decks, it is recommended for sunset shoots. You can also book the SKY restaurant for priority access to both viewing platforms in addition to meals.


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