5 English-Friendly Food Delivery Services in Japan

Whether it’s because of remote work, family life or flu season, Tokyoites are spending more time at home. But that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on restaurant-quality food.

The rise of online delivery services has changed our eating habits. Getting food delivered to our doorstep has become a norm. We’re sure that you have one or two go-to services, but there are plenty more on the market that offer different advantages. GoConnect has compiled a list of five delivery services in Japan that are sure to fulfill your culinary cravings. These services all have English-language, easy-to-use interfaces, but differ in a number of ways. Here are our top five (in no particular order), featuring everything from healthy and gourmet foods to budget-friendly services.


Uber Eats is the most prominent delivery service in Japan, especially in the Kanto region. It has won the heart of many Tokyoites with its bilingual app, user-friendly interface, and quick delivery. What makes Uber Eats stand out from other delivery service providers is their huge pool of quick and flexible delivery partners. If you don’t want to cook in the morning or are too tired to eat out at night, don’t worry as the UberEats app runs from 7am to 2am in all 47 of Japan’s prefectures. If you live in the countryside or the mountains, you might not have access. 

Although the app has stellar coverage and quick delivery, there are additional charges to be aware of. Ordering at a busy time can result in an additional surcharge, but the app makes it clear when said charges are present. 

We highly recommend Uber Eats if you want to order food from small cafes and restaurants that don’t have their own delivery service. Another perk of Uber Eats are its active promotions. Click “Deals” on the UberEATS menu and tags such as “Save ¥2,000 when you spend ¥750” will appear. Additionally, the Eats Pass will help you get free delivery at a very reasonable monthly price.

Coverage: Areas include all 23 special wards within Tokyo, along with 29 cities in western Tokyo, 26 wards and cities in Kanagawa, 48 wards and cities in Saitama, and 26 wards and cities in Chiba.
Apps: Available on both Google Play and iOS
Payment options: Credit card, PayPay, Rakuten Pay, LINE Pay, Apple Pay, COD
Delivery charge: Varies depending on the store
Minimum order amount: Not required
Contactless delivery: Yes

Wolt (DoorDash)

Wolt is a foreign delivery service in Japan. The Finnish tech company entered the Japanese market in March 2020 and merged with DoorDash in 2022. Starting in Hiroshima, it has now expanded to big cities including Tokyo. Wolt’s functionality is similar to Uber Eats with its fairly simple interface, large variety of food categories, a decent automatic English translation of menus, and online payment system. 

What separates Wolt from competitors is its cheap delivery rate. Wolt’s delivery rate can be divided into three categories, depending on your distance from the restaurant: from 0.0km to 1.5km is ¥99, from 1.5km to 2.5km is ¥199, and from 2.5km to 4.0km is ¥299. What’s more, there’s no service fee when ordering through Wolt (if you order more than ¥1,200). Usually, for Uber Eats, there would be a service fee of 10%. So it’s wiser to turn to Wolt when you’re making a big order.

Coverage: Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama
Apps: Google Play and iOS
Payment Options: PayPay, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay
Delivery Charge: Varies depending on the store.
Minimum order amount: Not Required 
Contactless Delivery: Yes

English-Friendly Fast Food Delivery Services

McDonald’s McDelivery

Worldwide fast food chain McDonald’s delivers in Tokyo via its own drivers and Uber Eats. McDelivery has a ¥300 delivery fee and is available to Tokyoites from 7am to 11pm daily. McDelivery is available throughout most major Japanese cities and nearby rural areas. One thing to note is that breakfast or other orders before 10:30am require a ¥1,000 minimum purchase. All other times require a minimum purchase of ¥1,500. 

Coverage: Everywhere near a McDonald’s in Japan
Apps: Google Play and iOS
Payment Options: Cash on delivery, credit card, R-Points, D-Points, PayPay, Rakuten Pay, au Pay, Line Pay
Delivery Charge: ¥300
Minimum order amount: ¥1,000 before 10:30am and ¥1,500 after

Pizza Hut Delivery

Photo by Japan Pizza Hut Corporation., Ltd

This is one of the best options if you are looking to satisfy your pizza craving. The app has fast delivery with a wide variety of toppings and deals to choose from. Although there is typically a ¥1,400 minimum for an order, the prices may vary between locations. Pizza Hut also has free delivery, so with the many discounts included, you are always getting a deal. 

Coverage: Nationwide, but near a Pizza Hut location. 
Apps: Google Play and iOS
Payment Options: Cash on delivery, credit card, R-Points, D-Points, PayPay, Rakuten Pay, au Pay, Line Pay.
Delivery Charge: Free Delivery
Minimum order amount: ¥1,400 (may vary)
Contactless Delivery: Yes

Domino’s Pizza

This is another popular pizza chain. Their variety of crusts and tasty cheese is surely to satisfy pizza lovers’ cravings. Domino’s Pizza delivers from open to close (9am to 1am) daily. Unlike Pizza Hut and McDonald’s, Domino’s doesn’t require a minimum delivery. You can order a pizza or just a side if you want. Much like Pizza Hut, Domino’s offers many discounts and deals that make for a cheap delivery experience. 

Coverage: Nationwide, but you need to be near a Domino’s branch
Apps: Google Play and iOS
Payment Options: Credit card and cash
Delivery Charge: Free
Minimum order amount: None
Contactless Delivery: Yes


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