Join Refugee Empowerment International for the Hands Around the World Gala

Refugee Empowerment International (REI) is celebrating 45 years of supporting displaced communities at their Hands Around the World Gala. Join supporters of this dedicated NPO on March 1, 2024, at Kazanami Ballroom on the second floor of Conrad Tokyo for an evening of food, drinks, entertainment, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on refugee communities.

Background: More about REI

Presently, some 110 million people have been forcefully displaced from their homes worldwide, and REI has made it their ongoing mission to provide support systems for those who are in need. The organization’s funds support projects that provide opportunities for refugees to lead more normal lives with their loved ones close to home. 

REI prioritizes partnerships over intervention to enable struggling communities to utilize available resources in effective ways. By doing so, refugees can build their own futures and give back to their communities. REI had a positive impact on the lives of many, having funded over 800 projects with more than $11 million during its lifetime.

Hands Around the World Gala

A minimum donation of ¥30,000 is required to attend the gala, and this covers food and drinks. For larger groups, tables for six, eight, and 10 people are available for reservation. There are a variety of ways to contribute to REI’s cause. If you are interested in supporting the organization but can’t make the event, you can donate online here. For those planning on attending the gala, there will be an auction; the top raffle prize will be return tickets to Hawaii on Delta Airlines and four nights at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Make a Bigger Impact 

Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies looking to contribute to REI’s mission. Becoming a headlining sponsor at the gala boosts your company’s standing as a contributor for a better future for thousands of individuals worldwide. Sponsorship opportunities are divided into four categories: Empowerment, Impact, Inspiration, and Support. Categories have different price points and benefits. Click here to learn more. 

These are some of the ways you can make an impact though donations: 

A ¥10 million donation will provide REI with the resources to help train 100 refugees in Nairobi, Kenya, to build a business to help the local economy and support families. Another donation of ¥1 million covers maternal health training and provision of baby kits to 100 new mothers in Karen State, Myanmar. Click here to learn about other donation opportunities.  

How to Attend 

If you are interested in attending the Hands Around the World Gala you can book online on REI’s website. Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies interested. Please contact REI at Around 200 guests from around the Tokyo area and beyond are expected to attend the event, so make sure to book early. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience a great night by contributing to a good cause.


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