teamLab Borderless Is Back!

Since it opened its doors in Odaiba in 2018, the digital art museum teamLab Borderless has entranced audiences. Not only has it been a hit domestically, but it also became a draw for international visitors.

Its captivating exhibits allowed attendees to step into immersive, interactive worlds that engaged all of the senses. The art came to life—digital birds soared across screens, flowers bloomed in the darkness, rooms were filled with stars that hurtled by at warp speed, and aquatic creatures drawn by guests swam through vibrant seascapes.

teamLab, Light Vortex © teamLab

It wasn’t just an aesthetic marvel, it broke records—specifically Guinness’s record for a single art group museum, having drawn 2,134,778 guests in 2019. For celebrities, technophiles, and families alike, it became a must-see destination. So there was disappointment when it was announced that the Odaiba location was closing in 2022, but this was softened by the news that it would be moving to Azabudai Hills in 2024.

And now the wait is over, with teamLab Borderless reopening its doors on February 9. In our media preview of the digital art museum, GoConnect was able to see how things had changed, while maintaining all the magic of its previous location. 

The newly opened Azabudai Hills is a perfect setting for teamLab Borderless, as it fits in seamlessly with Mori Building’s mission to create spaces in the city where people can gather not only to work and live, but also be inspired by beauty.

Toshiyuki Inoko, Founder of teamLab and Shingo Tsuji, President and CEO of Mori Building at the official ribbon cutting on February 9

Transcending Boundaries

And while it occupies a smaller space than the Odaiba location, this also makes it feel more intimate and welcoming, and the interactive features of the artwork all the more palpable. For example, you may control the flow of digital waterfalls or vortices with your presence, touch kanji on the walls to transform them into the objects that they represent, and stimulate luminescent plant life.

Keeping true to the name of the museum, much of the digital art roams from room to room. Three-dimensional calligraphy makes cameos throughout the museum, and a procession of humans and mythical creatures move down hallways, turning to greet guests who reach out and touch them.

teamLab, Sketch Ocean © teamLab

And it is a space that rewards patience, return visits, and sometimes luck. Take one of teamLab Borderless’s signature works—Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as well: Flying Beyond Borders. You can never be sure exactly when the lead crow will be overtaken, unless you wait, or happen into its main room at the right time. And some of the flowers that appear in artworks and in a tea room will change with the seasons—a dynamic that is in keeping with the seasonal foliage that can be found throughout Azabudai Hills itself.

Our visit made it clear that if you’ve never been to teamLab Borderless, it isn’t to be missed. And veterans of the digital art museum are certain to find new aesthetic frontiers to explore in this updated setting.

You can see our video tour below:

To learn more about teamLab Borderless, visit the official website.

Main image: teamLab, Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as well: Flying Beyond Borders © teamLab

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