Tokyo NPO Dedicated to Supporting Orphans in Japan

By Michael Clemons
Founder, YouMeWe

For more than a decade, YouMeWe’s mission has been to educate and empower orphans with digital skills, to prepare them for a successful future.

Established more than a decade ago in Tokyo, YouMeWe has carved out a vital role in the NPO landscape dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children in Japan. 
With a specific focus on orphans, YouMeWe recognizes the significant challenges faced by these young individuals who often lack the familial support and resources most take for granted.

YouMeWe’s mission is the belief that every child deserves a fair chance at success, regardless of their beginnings. This conviction drives the organization’s commitment to not only provide support and mentorship but also to equip these young orphans with critical digital skills necessary for thriving in the 21st century. 

The core of YouMeWe’s educational initiative is digital literacy, a fundamental area which we know is crucial for these young people’s personal and professional development.

Digital literacy goes beyond mere familiarity with computers and internet navigation. YouMeWe’s programs are designed to ensure that orphans in Japan can harness the power of technology to improve their life outcomes. By teaching them how to effectively use digital tools and resources, we can open up pathways to education, communication, and eventual employment opportunities that are essential in today’s technology-driven world.

The curriculum offered by YouMeWe is crafted to cater to different age groups and learning paces, ensuring that every child can benefit regardless of their prior exposure to technology. Beginning with basic computer skills and internet safety, we gradually introduce more complex concepts such as coding, digital content creation, and game programming. 

Hands-on training session, teaching essential tech skills

This structured approach not only builds a solid foundation of knowledge but also boosts confidence among the youth, empowering them to pursue further education and career opportunities in tech-driven fields.

Over the years, YouMeWe has witnessed numerous success stories where former orphans have gone on to excel in their educational pursuits and secure meaningful employment. These successes underscore the effectiveness of YouMeWe’s efforts and reinforce the ongoing need for such initiatives.

Looking to the future, YouMeWe is committed to expanding its reach and impact. This includes updating and refining educational materials to keep pace with technological advancements, increasing the number of orphans served, and fostering partnerships with other organizations and the tech industry to provide a broader range of opportunities to older orphans who have graduated from their orphanages.

YouMeWe’s mission is more than just an educational initiative; it is a lifeline to young orphans who are most in need. 

By empowering Japan’s orphans with digital skills, YouMeWe can prepare them for a successful future by helping them to become engaged, capable citizens who are able to contribute to their communities and the wider world.

YouMeWe is always in need of financial contributions and hardware donations to sustain and expand our digital literacy programs for orphans, ensuring they have the resources needed for success. Your support in the form of donations, technology, or volunteering time can make a great difference in empowering these young orphans for a brighter future.

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