Critical Thinking and Leadership Part 2 

Seminar Description: This interactive, case-based, seminar features contents focusing on applying the concepts of critical thinking and leadership to solve an international business issue. It is designed to highlight how to resolve common conflicts between managers and team members. This is an MBA-level seminar. Participants are expected to bring their prepared answers to the seminar. 

Expected Outcomes: This seminar aims to enable participants to significantly increase the number of constructive conversations they have in their work. Participants also will gain a better understanding of how to organize problems and engage in discussions that will extend their leadership. 

This seminar suits you if you are: A working professional, including an MBA holder, looking to enhance and refresh critical thinking and leadership skills. 

Gil Chavez has more than 25 years of teaching business at universities and MBA programs. He is the author of “One Million Monkeys, an Introduction to the Art of Critical Analysis.” He is an executive and consultant in marketing and corporate communications, and is known for his engaging and interactive facilitation.  
This session is presented to you by Peetslist, the next-generation business school providing learning experiences that give students tangible skillsets to achieve real world outcomes.

Date and location:
7:00–9:00pm, Wednesday, July 10, at CROSS Business Producers Inc Office, ShinTokyo Bldg. 4F 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo. (The classroom is kindly provided by venue sponsor CROSS Business Producers Inc, which will provide a brief presentation before the seminar.)
¥8,000 per person
Networking After Event:
An informal open networking event will be held after the session nearby at GARB Tokyo
RSVP deadline: 
Tuesday, July 9.  To ensure a quality learning experience, seating is limited, so please respond soon. Please send the fee to the bank account below before attending the class:

株式会社Peetslist 支店名:法人第二営業部(102) 口座番号:1156941 Fee: ¥8,000 

Please download course material below:

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